Veyron-like exhaust

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  1. i do!!! and i like them more than the original one, but the original one is very nice indeed!!!
  2. Well, more and more people these days are buying Ferraris because they are Ferraris. Because of the image it gives them. However, sure, Ferrari is the manufacturer associated most easily with speed. My bad then, but I seem to be more negative on Ferrari buyers than you <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    I think the exaust looks more like the Koenigsegg's exhaust, and to be honest, I liked the originals more. The way they pointed upwards was just menacing... Can't complain about this one either though.
  3. No, you're right, the originals had more character and style to them. This is nice, yes, but lacks originality. It does look nice, nonetheless.
  4. You are probably right, it's not the worst, we have Saleen to take that role.

    But can't you agree that Lambos make better cars than Ferrari ?..

    Oh btw, This exhaust looks more like the Koenigsegg exhaust rather than the Veyrons.

    Well Lamborghini is owned bu Audi, not by VW, but Audi is owned by VW.

    still Lamborghini is Audis area.

    / The wise man from sweden has spoken ! .
  5. I don't like this trend in styled exhausts. It's just something I don't care for. This and the paddle shifters are the only things I don't like about the car. I still like the original murcielago more though because it had more substance.
  6. Still about this Ferrari quarrel... Some opinions about Ferruccio's and Enzo's magnificent companies:

    1. Ferrari engines are not generally small. Enzo, 612, and 599 have 6 litre engines which I could never regard as small in displacement.

    2. Ferraris are traditionally propelled by relatively high revolving engines, yes, Lamborghninis aren't that low-tuned either...(LP640 8000rpm) But I can't believe that it would seriously affect the engines' reliability. High rpm, short bore and the valve timing in certain Ferrari engines create a racecar-like performance with the cost of low-rpm torque. At least 550, 612, 456, 599, and 575 of the post 1995-Ferraris have rather similar hp/litre values than Lamborghinis.

    3. At its dawn in the late 40's and 50's Ferrari built racecars for road-use. Later, however, Ferrari earned a significant part of its reputation with exquisite GT's. Cars such as F40, F50 and Enzo are actually kind of memorial retro cars, built as honour homages to the racing heritage.

    4. Lamborghinis are, if roughly compared to Ferraris, brutal. I mean in a positive way. Ferruccio Lamborghini has rural roots, he worked with military engines during the WW2 and he began the business with tractors. That explains a lot.

    If a Ferrari was vin santo would a Lamborghini be pure grappa. If a Lamborghini was a hearty meal of pasta calabrese with peperoncino would a Ferrari GT be zuppa inglese. If they were women, the Ferrari would be an elegant milanese wearing Armani and Versace outfit, while a Lambo would simply be the symbol of fertility, a most excellent East-African woman.

    In my opinion the sound defines a car quite well. I've heard 355, 550 and Diablo engines.
    The 355 was a metallic, raw, high revving, quite similar to a BMW M5 V8. 550 was smooth, velvety, yet powerful.
    Diablo was... SCREAMING it was low and high, raw and refined, it was #$%#ing orgasmic! I'll never forget that.I Wish I had driven the car.

    P.S. Markotarma, your language contained mostly badly written norwegian insults, no swedish.

    I love Ferrari.
    And I love Lamborghini.

    They both represent the excellent Italian sportscar heritage with their own unique ways, as does Maserati and once did Alfa Romeo and Lancia. I love them all. What I don't love is ignorance, immaturity and poor language used widely among people here.
  7. Oops, almost forgot the original topic, sorry.

    I find the exhaust rather pornographic. It has WW and Audi influence, yes, but only I know the origin of the idea: A group of German graphic designers sit in an office. The guy behind the computer shouts: Guck mal, ich habe eine idee! People gather around the computer chattering keenly. He had found a most befitting source of inspiration for the exhaust pipe:
  8. ferraris do suck tho...
  9. A quote from nitrous2oxide:
    ferraris do suck tho...

    Sucking is a thing Ferraris rarely do.
    And the quality of conversation sure is good here...

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