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  1. Yeah... I'm not a stranger to this, to only seek some form of help when it's too late already. And then some time after that, even. In my case it's because I hate it when people feel sorry for me, or that they get the impression that I'm being greedy or something. Even though I know I'm not. Though that's more how I used to be. Took me a while to figure out I actually dont'really give a shit what people think about me and that I'd rather see them leave someone I am than stick with someone I'm not.
  2. I noticed James being cranky on 2nd hand car Facebook page. Telling all the cars are shit haha
  3. They are! What is it with people trying to sell rusted old sierras that have been stood still for 15 years as a "project" or "barn find" like it's something good?! They're all shit!
  4. It's a shitload of work to repair something that has been standing still for 15 years, especially outdoors and English humidity levels.
  5. Haha they are
  6. It's like that with Hondas over here.
    "1997 Civic DX hatch with JDM shifter, floor mat, JDM muffler, strong stock bottom end. 180,000 miles, only has minor rust on every door, hatch has dents and mis-matched paint. Leaky JDM sunroof. $6,000 firm." Usually common to see after a Fast and Furious release.
  7. I was under the impression that beaters in the US were like $200.
  8. these buttknockers buy a $2000 civic and spend $4000 on it and don't realize that they made it worth less than when they started.
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  9. Pretty sure you can still get an Olds 88 for that money
  10. Usually. Except Hondas. Ricer fan boys pay premium for a clean (not a complete shit bucket) Civic. They think anyone other than their other rice boy fan boys will actually think it's anything but a POS econobox. Funny thing is, they even pay more for RHD. Because RHD piece of shit isn't still a piece of shit they think.
  11. am i in 2001
  12. People still use "rice", but it seems like these days the import fanboys try to say that it stands for:


    As opposed to it just being a straight up, somewhat racial insult as it was when it was censored on this forum

  13. Notoriously
  14. Cheerio
  15. a rabbi that is notoriously inflatable
    he is famous, in a negative way, for being inflatable

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