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  1. Gettin' salty at someone in Kai's review video for the M10.

    This thread exists mainly to say it's just weird coming across people you know unexpectedly on the internet.
  2. not so weird when you are googling 'vman nudes'
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  3. I will not Google that, Seebee.
  4. He asks via PM.
  5. I've seen a picture of the erect penis of at least 3 members on this site. I'm not sure if this is standard practice on internet forums...
  6. I'm glad I missed those.
  7. Vman was included
  8. I only remember the engineer. Down on one knee flexing with a hard on or some shit. That was hilarious. But never need to see it again
  9. Those exist. Half of us have seen them.
  10. Oh nice. Pre- or post-DIY surgery?
  11. god what happened to this place
    used to be so full of vigor
  12. I troll on YouTube a lot. tbh I didn't think I'd get 25 upvotes for that one!
  13. Also, whilst It's a shame DRTV sacked Kai and Lok I quite like that they make their own videos now. I think Kai should try to make videos with that ginger beardy guy - they work much better together on screen than Kai has done on his own in the past.

    I just like Lok in general and want to see him do well out of this. He didn't even have his own camera at the start - he was using his iPhone for videos!
  14. No, serious question. You're apparently the only one with the requisite information.
  15. we all turned 30 and talk about boring shit
    this place will be in decline until our children come of age and repopulate the forum as prophesied
  16. You wouldn't have been able to tell from the image, but just from memory I think it was probably pre
  17. My absolute favourite DIY procedure anyone here ever did was when SmilinGoat pierced his nipple himself, but he did it north-south at first. I asked him what he was going to put in it, and he said "a ring". I had to explain that the ring wouldn't hang down with the hole like that, so he had to do it again.
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  18. I think it was pre. I don't really remember. And didn't look in depth at the photo. I laughed. But wasn't really overly interested in seeing his talliwhacker
  19. um why did smilingoat want a nipplering
  20. Should have a sub-forum, reliablecars.net, where we can stay and talk about proper lawn care.
  21. Nah, kids don't go on the interwebs where their parents are. This is why fb sucks now.
  22. No way in hell I'm gonna show this place to my children
  23. I think whatever the reason they had to part ways, they're prpbably both better off solo. I can't imagine them being the source of whatever conflict saw their splits become a reality, so I'm thinking DPTV is probably turning into something that it once wasn't.

    Everyone seems to be rooting for Lok and Kai to team up, and I think I'm in that camp, too. And Warren.
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  24. This is what happened to a local car site I'm on. I used to be full of members posting about cars, skeezers, race videos, trash talking and call outs. Now there are only like 15 active members and the most popular threads are about bicycle riding, lawn care, and shoes.
  25. should i buy an m10 vman?
    roast me

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