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  1. People have had panic attacks for much less.

    I'm sorry for your experiences.

    I dislike doctors/hospitals too, especially the mental ones.

    And the average hospital quality here is closer to the Swiss/Japanese/Norwegian levels than, well, you know.

    So you must have had a bad trip. Nothing to be ashamed of. Wheelman probably disagrees.

    A word of advice, though. Buy health insurance. Do whatever you have to do in order to afford one.
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  3. Health insurance has saved me about $250,000 this year alone.
  4. I wanna buy Grand Theft Auto V and both Metal Gear Solids: Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain
  5. If you compare the size of the main city to a runway on the south west island, and then compare GTA4 map to its airport runway, the main city alone is bigger than Liberty City was. So those 'small towns' are probably very decently sized.
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    The Division by Massive Games
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    i miss saganite
  8. PS4 is region free and has upgradeable hdd. Win.
  9. Just like my pc
  10. And mine also. But PCs are shit for playing non-shooter and non-strategy games.
  11. that division game looks like something ive wanted since forever
  12. Why?
  13. ubisoft seems to support pc so division should be there. titanfall looked cool and that's pc too. gotta admit battlefield 4 finally looks like a true sequel to battlefield 2. the only game i really feel like i'll be missing is forza 5
  14. i want forza 5, but i don't want a xbox one <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    also some awesome games coming out for the wiiu.
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    That looks amazing
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    is that online?
  17. i really hate all the smartphone and tablet integration that is being forced onto games
  18. Any other game is better enjoyed sitting on a comfortable lounge with your feet up, 8 foot away from a large TV and a controller in your hand. Especially any sort of platform, driving or jrpg game.
  19. So we have so far

    - PS4 - $399 / €399 / £349 / $549 AU
    Disk based games are yours forever. To trade in, swap, borrow etc
    No online activation or check.
    $5 online subscription to PSN.

    - Xbone - $499 / €499 / £429 / $599 AU
    Restrictions on used games. Fee to activate used games.
    Online check every 24 hours.
    Comes with Kinect and must be connected, camera can be turned off.
    $5 xbox live.

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    Can't wait for PA.

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    Same here. My friend got in on the kickstarter with all the early access stuff.
  22. 2 gens ago i had a ps2, never considered/wanted an xbox
    this gen i got a 360, planned on getting a ps3 for gt5(lol), but now dont give a shit about ps3. it never gave me a reason to want it. wanna play last of us kinda.

    now im pretty much set on a ps4
    xbox looking pretty horrible this gen. wonder how theyll end up doing/wonder if they will backpedal on some of their ideas
  23. mark just get a gaming pc
  24. If the xbone doesn't sell well this holiday season, I can see a price drop or policy change by the summer.

    I'll probably just end up getting all three consoles eventually like I always do. I already have a wii u.

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