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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Bishop Ghost, Dec 25, 2012.

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    How much will it cost?
  2. its ok since I can play GT6 and lap lower than 7'11 on the Nurburgring
  3. does anyone want an xbone now that isn't not totally evil anymore (probably just a little evil now)?
  4. I'll be getting one, but not for a while. I'll probably wait for a price drop. I plan on getting the ps4 first though.
  5. seems worse now tbh

    i wouldn't ever use the thing offline anyways, where do you use a console that doesn't have wifi within range? don't remember the last time my internet went down for over 24 hours either. playing all my games without swapping discs and the game sharing thing sounded good.
  6. it did sound kinda cool
    i dont do a lot of borrowing

    what bothered me was the no used games thing, or a fee or something
    which would suck cuz a lot of games are not worth the full price, especially for one play thru

    id be okay with it if they treated it like steam with a lot of big sales
    nobody has any idea if they would have done that however
  7. it's still (a lot?) less powerful than the ps4. i just want forza, everything else i can get for pc
  8. borderlands 2 10 bucks today only on xbox live
    buy it people i wanna play co op
  9. i'd play if the steam version could play with xbox. i have a couple (hundred) hours sunk into that game. season pass is worth it too. 3/4 of the dlcs are really good plus it raises the level cap and adds another tier of items
  10. you described PC
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  12. yeah and pc is the best. i wish they would release all the xbone games for pc, then i'd just have to buy the controller
  13. *** OUYA UPDATE #1 ***

    Can't #$%#ing sign in , will come back later

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  15. I'm playing Monsters. I really want to play Last of Us.
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    New C.A.R.S trailer looking slick:

    Even if it never comes out, its still pretty to look at eh
  17. you huys tried state of decay
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    It will definitely come out and currently they are focussing on getting the physics 100% right.
  19. need for speed most wanted (new) or shift 2 or burnout paradise? don't have a wheel, will prob use a 360 controller. they're all $6
  20. burnout
  21. but most wanted has real cars
  22. Most Wanted IS actually the sequel to Burnout Paradise. Its better.
  23. oh most wanted is a free roam game? i never played it but all the modern NFS games i've played have been pretty boring. burnout paradise was fun though
  24. i'll just wait till the steam sale and get better games instead or the same ones even cheaper
  25. Anyone else spending all their money on the steam sale? There's still another week to go and I've already bought 7 games.

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