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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Bishop Ghost, Dec 25, 2012.

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    The character, Francis, is fake. But sadly the news isn't. GTA5 will be released in September.

  2. Anybody on here tried simcity? Heard its a complete trainwreck.
  3. ive tried a bootleg copy, its terrible
    reddit even has a section for its failings. its shit all round pretty much. the game mechanics are retarded, its only virtue is as a MMO
  4. glad i got some of these games dirt cheap during steam sales.

    do not like simcity 4. it's like they took 3000, make it smaller and dumbed down the information and mechanics. also the UI takes up half the screen and is #$%#ing ugly. this new one everyone is #%[email protected] about looks like a dumbed down version of 4. jesus christ ea

    played through dead island. first half of the game was fun, second half was #$%#ing awful. it was like everything broke at once, the pacing, the level design, bugs and glitches everywhere. story was downright awful
  5. Damn, I still have to try it and was hoping it would be awesome. Not going to download I guess.
  6. So I think I'm going to go buy a nintendo wii u tomorrow. Anyone else have one?
  7. lol
  8. Whats so lol about that?
  9. Man everyone hates ea
  10. Shittiest thing about EA is that they have the Porsche license and only use it for Need For Speed.
  11. they killed a lot of game series i really liked with their poor management and than blamed it on consumers for not buying enough.
  12. turns out simcity is playable offline. some guy modded it.

    bunch of scammers.
  13. lol EA
  14. I've been playing Battlefield Play4Free, it is a scaled down remake of BF 2. It is 16v16 with smaller maps, no squads, and some infantry only maps. Playing for free and starting from scratch isn't easy, but for $14 you can buy a "dev set" that comes with everything you need and have some change left over.
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    the simulation of the game is borked, everything is broken.

    the reddit is funny to read through everyone breaking the game open.
  16. So I bought a wii u today. Got the bundle with zombi u, which ended up being slightly cheaper then getting the deluxe set with a pro controller separately. Also picked up new super mario bros u, which is pretty fun. Also bought f-zero from the virtual console for 30 cents.
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    Games I'm anticipating at the moment:

    Planetary Annihilation -

    Company of Heroes 2

    Shadowrun Returns
  18. Went to FunSpot in New Hampshire today, largest collection of classic arcade games in the world. Played The Simpsons, Afterburner, Xevious, Star Wars, Super Off Road and a couple others.
  19. Anybody playing Heart of the Swarm? Is it worth getting?
  20. wondering the same? might re-install for this expension, After all, its Blizzard and will be worth the bucks.
  21. Any Starcraft II players friend me!

    Character: BraytonCycle

    Character code: 762
  22. I didn't even realise people were seriously considering those things.

    I honestly can't even remember seeing an ad on TV about them.
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    So looking forward to planetary annihilation. Total Annihilation is one of my favorite pc games.
  24. Its a good system. I've been playing mario all weekend and its really fun.
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