[VIDEOS/PICS]: Heavily modded Black SLR!!!

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by blackwood, Feb 21, 2008.

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  2. diggin the calipers/paint, not so much the wheels though
  3. I was expecting a SLR 722 GTR type thing
  4. i like it.
    a lot.
  5. New wheels, painted calipers, and probably a bit of ECU tuning isn't exactly what I'd call heavily modded.
  6. Wheels make it look all fiddly.
  7. batmobile!
  8. very nice. love everything except the rims. I would prefer 722 style rims more.
  10. Isn't that Allanlambo's SLR?
  11. I got scared...
  12. i like it a lot, but would also prefer stock 722 rims
  13. Yes.
  14. haha he's such a tasteless douchebag.
  15. Am I the only one that thinks SLRs sound like shit.
  17. I agree
  18. But funny as all hell.
  19. I don't know what's all done to it, but I know it has a smaller SC pulley and is making something like 50-75hp and 75-100ftlb of torque over stock... maybe more. Still, I wouldn't call that heavily modified either.

    And yes, that's Allan's car. Once he gets back in AZ (should be later this week) we're supposed to do a shoot together. I'm really looking forward to it as I think the car will fit my style of photography well.
  20. Pretty ugly. Especially that tin foil around the engine bay.
  21. someone should post allanlambo.jpg
  22. The "tin foil" is heat shielding and comes stock.
  23. Yeah, you're probably the only one. Personally I think the engine's the best part of the car.
  24. For those interested in the mods of this SLR...

    "Has 2lb pulley, intercooler pumps, ecu and air filters.

    Dyno was on 91 octange gas: Stock made 534 rwhp and 489 ft-lbs torque. Picked up almost 100rwhp and 100ft-lbs of torque in the midrange."
  25. you must be joking...

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