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    Its cool. I like the name. BONZAI!<!-- Signature -->
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    In The Fast and the Furious Vin Diesel drives a veilside Rx-7 not this. You can tell after the first streetracing scene he parks in a garage to hide from cops, it clearly says veilside on the back. Go to the veilside website and they brag about it and have pictures.
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    He does not drive a Veilside Rx-7 he simply has a body kit from Veilside.
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    the best part is how vin diesel's RX-7 sounds nothing like a modded RX-7.
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    wanna know something cool, i noticed when i slow-moed the scene where they go to the transmission, the engine, etc. Vin had a 20B engine just like the Banzai.
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    im not even sure if you can put gas into his 7 any omre
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    oh i thought that someone had clicked on that rotors can run on diesel and that is a fact!. Ya cant start them with it but once they are going ya can run them on it.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from BoYRlCeR</i>
    <b>oh i thought that someone had clicked on that rotors can run on diesel and that is a fact!. Ya cant start them with it but once they are going ya can run them on it.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Why would you want to run an RX-7 with diesel?<!-- Signature -->
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    you guys are idiots. i own an RX-7, same year as the one in the movie. NO they wont run off of diesel fuel. when the rx-7 was produced it was intended to run of at least 92 octane fuel. in some places people are luckey enough to have 93. if you #$%# around with the fuel used in these cars, youll definetely encounter engine problems due to misdetonation. yes that is a veilside body kit, the c1 to be exact. and no that wasnt a 20b. you have no clue about the mechanics of this car. you clearly mistook the counter balance as a 3rd rotor, go figure. in real life this car was still running stock sequential when the movie debuted. after filming the owner did blow his motor (quite common for us), and is now in the process of a rebuild and single turbo conversion from what ive heard.

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    Rotoary engines kick ass. Yes the'll blow quite frequently. But that's only if you don't take care of them and run the shit out of them. But that'll happen with any engine. I don't get where people get off saying that rotary's are junk. If they're suck pieces of shit like some of you piston heads say they are, than why do you see so many second generation RX7's with more than 150,000 miles on then still driving around with out any problems? Becuase they're junk right. No, it's called maintenance.
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    hey big mouse your retarded... rx-7 rotors had bad compression problems that's why they "blow out".. it had nothing to do with the way you drive it... they always blew out, sooner or later the rotory would "blow" when it was just a really bad compression problem which all rx-7 had problems with.
  13. Umm...just one guy is an idiot. The rest were talking about a GUY named Vin Diesel from the fast and the furious. No offense, but you and that other dude are the idiots.

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