Vintage Unopened 1st Gen iPhone, $10,000

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 84FordMan, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. the market will decide that. im talking at least a decade from now and i make no predictions
  2. sweet none-answer
  3. lol that wont stop you from trolling
  4. nah i want ur opinion maybe something good to invest in
  5. im considering dumping my life savings intoa pallet of rio 300s or wahtever
  6. get some foresight though, dude, for realz... hope you are just trolling
  7. ya these tamagotchis will pay for my lambo
  8. lmao the irony
  9. lol such a troll

    believe it or not shit you have used and since thrown away in our throwaway lifestyle will probably be worth something if still in good shape, especially new in the box, to a group of collectors one day

    i know youll have a hard time processing this but please try your best
  10. ya sucha troll ahah sucha trol i say soemtihng stupiud and turbo makes fun of me haha such a troll jsut trolling trolrlorlrlr

    ya retard, im well aware certain objects became valuable in the future. im also aware (unlike you)that historically electronic toys retain almost no collectible value.

    even an actaully old, interesting first like the regency tr-1 portable radio is worth less now than it was brand new in the 1950s, so what makes you think that something 100,000x less rare, 100x less important and digtal (which makes it exponentially more worthless)like a shitty mp3 player or iphone is gonna have collectable value in the foreseeable future?

  11. i know why; becasue youre just #$%#ing stupid and i have to lecture babies how the world works
  12. people pay a good deal for old sony walkmen in mint shape, dont they? regardless my only point was that they wouldnt become completely worthless. i never said they were good investments, i said they would hold collectible value (obviously they are obsolete, so what other value could it have?)
  13. there are north americans who buy Ladas and spend money on keeping them running and rust-free
  14. I have some Magic cards from when I was 12 or so. For the small price of 10 grand they can be yours. Also this is probably one of the most embarrassing admittances of my life.
  15. I have some hotwheels cars (FIRST EDITIONS) still in the packages from 1990

  16. im not a collector sorry
  17. this ebay sellers username is 'samsonbible'

    says it all really
  18. I don't follow.
  19. references to the bible and god and shit = idiot.
  21. Turbo how much is your life savings
  22. are we including the value of a broken miata into this
  23. more than yours
  24. You don't have a life worth saving (for)
  25. that stings comming fro m the buttfoot

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