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  2. sounds much better than cd too
  3. Good record player + Vacuum tubes Amplifier = Best sound there is.
  4. Does vinyl really sound better or is it just nostalgia for old things
  5. They sound better.
  6. A combination of both
  7. You're like 50 years old though I want an unbiased opinion
  8. They have a higher dynamic range. If mixed well and on a good turntable, I'd say they sound better. A good example is Icky Thump. The vinyl sounds so, so much better.
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    a bit subjective but to me for some types of music it sounds better because of the depth and warmth it offers ... as far as harmonic quality goes I'm sure it could be debated
  10. Tomboy too

  11. Fun fact - vinyl does not have a set recording capacity (ie: n minutes of audio on a 10" disc playing at 45RPM). That will be determined by thing like dynamic range, gain/loudness and the actual sound information being recorded. You can fit more audio at -6dB than you can at +3dBm due to not having to stretch the same amount of audio out into a longer groove (at higher gain, it has to be stretched out to preserve fidelity and prevent distortion.

    Fun fact - recordings are made at a constant angular velocity, but the groove is sliding by the stylus faster at the outer edge of the record than at the inner edge. The recording will slowly compress to compensate for this so that the audio doesn't sound wonky by the time you're getting to the end (inside) of the recording. Thus, some of the fidelity of the recording is lost due to the linear compression of the groove (see above). Having a louder recording at the end of the groove than at the beginning exacerbates this problem (as described above), and for a while, symphonic recordings were made to be played from the inside of the record towards the outside - simply because the performances were quieter at the beginning than at the end.
  12. those aren't fun facts. If they were I would have read them all the way through.
  13. Love vinyl, last record I bought was a live James Brown album. So funky.
  14. Do battle raps come in vinyl?
  15. I prefer mp3s
  16. fun facts more like boring as heblin factsw
  17. Last three posts are pure mockery grow up
  18. Vinyl does sound much crisper than a cd, must be something to do with it being analog. Used to love listening to my mums micheal jackson thriller lp as a kid

    I also find the bit about using vinyl as novelty computer data storage interesting in a nerdy way
  19. I'm sorry but this is a thread about the technical aspects of vinyl
    Its just not up my alley
    Now back to memorizing the names of all the countries of the world (and their capitols) and discussing this peculiar weather we're having
  20. vinyl is as gay and outdated as film cameras
  21. Almost as gay as your very gay dad
    You should have heard what he was asking me
  22. do tell. talk me off.
  23. im going amg over here. help me out.
  24. vinyl? LOL

    FLAC is the only way to good, no matter how many GBs I spend.
  25. my gramophone doesnt read FLACs too well.

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