viper gts-r or this??

Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by MugenPoweredTypeR, Oct 16, 2002.

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    I havent seen the performance specs for this yet so i wont make my decision.
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    this without a doubt!! it's about the same speed if not faster and lookes just a little bit better
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    This because the huge price difference
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    i don't like ford at all(had a bad experience w/ a brand new ford), and i don't particularly care for how this car looks, so i'd pick the viper.
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    i would take this over the viper and day, and if ford doesnt make this car, then by god let them burn in HELL!!!!
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    Come on RJam, at lest make an attempt to not show your biased. Do you honestly think that your past experience with a Focus or Mustang has any relevance to the over $100k GT40? In that case I better not consider one of my favorite cars, the ZO6, because I have had recent engine troubles with my '69 Z-28. How ignorant.
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    well said.
    like all car manufacturs there are bound to have some problems for whatever the reasons are. First years of model changed tend to have the most bugs, but that's common sense.
    to note, i do believe that the Ford 3.8 engine is one of the worst things built since the 4 cylinder mustang
    the newer Focuses and the Mustangs are far better than those of a couple years ago.
    Ford is getting back to where it was in dominance.
    they're bringing back the 5.0 to mustang, bringing back the GT, adding models.
    and then what they're doing in their other cars they owned is fabolous.
    You can't be dissing Ford any more, because even my new Sable destroys Honda Civics.
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    I agree because car and driver tested a lambo and it's shift linkage broke so does that mean lambo is low quality? Hell no. See it even happens to the best of them.
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    110% this car, one thing is that it is way more rare, and is capibale of turing more heads, and if i wanted to i cuold sell it and by a diff nice car, and have money left over, but Viper GTS or This i would get this car. for sure.
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    This car, definately. I just hope it doesn't end up like corvettes... those things are EVERYWHERE!
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    For $100,000+ ? I don't think we'll be seeing too many of these beuties around once they come out.
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    Im thinking of buying a car in the $100 000 range and i would love to get your guys opinions on what i should buy, ive already got a BMW and a Mercedes so i dont want one of those.
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    i do think that it does have relevence because it was not only the car, but the service in selling and repairing the car (which happens quite often). i'm just giving my opinion, but, as you said, it is very biased, so i thought it only fair to mention so (would you rather i said "this car is a piece of shit that my sister's jetta could tear up?").
    also, i really do dislike the look of the car, not just because it's a ford. the car is not visually appealing to me, in fact, i'd go so far as to say that i personally think it's ugly.
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    i definitely would pick this car because it looks better, its more refined, in a way, and is faster. the racing heritage of the gt40, is undeniable.
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    So are Farraris so whats your point?
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    Definately the GT40
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    Hmm...thats a tough one..I like this one's styling a lot more..but the viper is sweet too..I'd probably take this one tho.
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    I have heard that it is to be almost exactly like the 1960's version so I would definintely get this one. The engine might get a little annoying though after a while
    I just found this 1963 Ford GT photograph
    I sure hope that Ford releases this the GT40 was way ahead of it's time
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    It also seems that I found all those Premium Images on some other internet site. I am unsure of where though
    I didn't know Daewoo also made VCR's

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