Viper is all American ** READ THIS**

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  1. Whats this shit about lambo and ferrari doin the engine ??? 2 valves a cyl and 2 cams per cyl aint their style and same with big disp.
    the truth is the 8L V10 was origanally an iron block V10 built for a heavy duty pick up in 1988. The viper concept car was built in 1889 and soon after that chrylser built a cast alluminum block version of the 8L V10 and stuck it in the production vipers.

    Lamo and ferrari had nothing to do with it and they had nothing to do with the TNT king snake the guys that built this car used to work for hennessey now they started TNT motorsports.<!-- Signature -->
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    What the hell are you talking about!? Are you drunk or something? Oh my just had some word spelt wrong...
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    Of course Lambo and those other crappy car companies had nothing to do with the engine, this car has and will always be all American.
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    Come on now, Lambo Crappy? I know they are not american of Mopar but they are still awsome machines.

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    Viper is all American ** READ THIS**

    down with lambo's lamborgihni i cant spell dat but they suk ferrari all the way if ferrari and dodge got together it would be over!!!
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    wow now i see why this car is called king.holy crud the power is freaking insane this car is a crazy lunatic..i like this viper..
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    now thats a car i want to own
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    viper concept in 1889, huh? wow.
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    What? Lamborghini's are faster than comparatively price cars(modena + gallardo) and the murcielago slots into a price and purpose bracket of its own compared to ferrari(not comparable to 550/575/612 because they are GTs and Enzo is in a different league)

    sorry for goin off the subject a bit there, this engine is all american basic vee which cant compare to the tech of itailian car makers engines but it is a lot more prove reliable and a damn sight cheaper!
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    Crapy car companies? a Lamborghini Murcielago smokes the viper sr-t10 in every aspect. the ferrari enzo kill every american sports cars and you call them crap! Lamborghini designed the engine for the viper and lamborghini cala which never made production. this car yes is american but you can thank chysler for buying lamborghini because they helped out. so this car has a bit italian and will always. you dont belive me go to and see related cars you will see this car aint all american!
  11. LOL everytime I see 'Viper is 100% American' I can't help but laugh. Like previously stated, Chrysler bought Lamborghini (that's the correct spelling) in 94', and they PARTIALLY helped develope the engine. Ferrari had NOTHING to do with this. And Lambo = crap!? WTF
  12. a Lamborghini Murcielago smokes the viper sr-t10 in every aspect. from bbcstachas2.... wtf are u talking about the srt only gets beat by 2 or 3 cars in its breaking 60-0 mph the enzo by 4 feet and i believe one of the porsches by like 1 and a half feet but it crushes lambo's vettes, other ferrari's etc.
  13. I can tell your a rycer because you have no respect for legends!
    rycer cars=crap!
  14. Not only that but in topspeed, handling,1/4mile and just overall performance!. The point is the Viper still loses to the Murcielago in performance but maybe in price it wins. There are not Porsches that can beat a Murcielago not even the CGT and that performs the same.
  15. Just for info, both a Muthielago and an SRT-10 run an 11.7x quarter at 123 Lambo-124 Viper. Second, the Viper stops for 60 in 97 feet, shorter than any production car ever, including the enzo by 9 feet. Thirdly, it beats the Lambo by at least 5 mph in the slalom, and best of all beats every production car ever tested by MT in the figure 8. So I wouldn't put it down because it will crush most cars at a race track if driven well.
  16. Listen, I absolutely love Ferraris, they're awesome cars for people with alot of money though. But Lambourghinis just suck. Their V12's are weak as all hell, The power they get from their best V12 is the same as the Chevelle 454SS. But the specs are horrible. The cars just plain ugly in some aspects and when you own one, expect to put out alot of money in premium gas and clutches. You HAVE to replace the clutch every 2000KM, which is a little less then 1000 miles. They eat your budget and don't even sound that good. Lambourghinis are bad cars but alot of people like them because they think they're the best of the best. I hate to tell ya, for the name they got and money they expect from you. You'd expect a better car. A kid at my school had a Diablo, most expensive one ordered right from the factory. He put money into it to keep it running monthly. And the insurance is more then a Rolls Royce. Anyways, go Ferraris!
  17. Um, well you're a #$%#ing idiot, aren't you?

    The Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 develops 640bhp, which is more than what a stock 454cid engine could ever dream of. Bear in mind that the Lamborghini has a lower displacement and is naturally aspirated. If you think Lambos are ugly, that's your view, but they are almost universally acknowledged to be some of the most gorgeous cars out there. And I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud at your remark that "you HAVE to replace the clutch every 2000KM, which is a little less then 1000 miles". First of all because that's really not true, and second of all because 2000km's is not less than 1000 miles, in fact it's 1200 miles. And what the hell would you complain at the insurance for? IT'S A DESIRABLE HIGH-PERFORMANCE SPORTSCAR, for crying out loud!

    I wasn't going to reply to this thread, but people such as yourself makes me lose a little faith in humanity.
  18. Volkswagen and Audi own Lambo.... not Chrysler. Nice try though.

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