Viper Jr.

Discussion in '1997 Dodge Copperhead' started by Streetracer66, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. This could of been Viper Jr. Do you think it could with a V8, I do.
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    i thought that this concept was suposed to be competion for the vette if it was it says here that it has a V6 that wouldent even challenge a camaro.other than tht this car has a cool look.
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    Since the return of the "Hemi" to dogde's engine line up they could put in this car and it may rival the viper dodge should build this car and eat the vettes,camaros,and mustangs
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    Wtf would Dodge want to make competition with there own already existing car even if they wanted to make it maybe it cost to much for them to make maybe it wouldnt pass as a street leagle car and even if it did do you really think it could last long enough against the vette or the viper to make a name for itself?
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    any dodge fans sorry (id o love dodges but...)
    when i first saw it i thought it looked like a AVANTI

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    It wouldn't eat a vette even with a hemi.
  7. It's a baby Viper
  8. It's a baby Viper
  9. It's a baby Viper

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