Viper SRT-10 takes a dump at the 'Ring

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Guibo, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. the 'shitty driver' that many of you have sighted as the SRT-10's failing managed a 7:32:44 in a Carrera GT.
  2. Well it obviously cant be the car.... I mean, obviously...

  3. It's because of the soft top.
  4. Ouch, it lost to the base model 2004 C5..............
  5. Actualy it kind of makes sence. The Corvette enginerers hace been testing the Corvette ant N-Ring for the past 10 year to improve track performence, not just straight line performence.

    I've never heard of the Viper team doing anything of the sort. They just stick the biggest engine they can make into the car and leter rip..........(sarcasticly)

  6. the car, has done a 23.9sec lap time on MTs figure 8 track.

    Compare that to a lambo murci at 24.7, vette zo6 at 24.8, Enzo at 24.5, and only .1 seconds behind a carrera GT at 23.8

    You're right, with these facts, it Obviously can't be the car.
  7. Hahahaha... the Viper sucks ass.
  8. The viper srt10 is one of the Best braking cars in the world.

    100-0: 274ft
    60-0: 97ft

    compared to an enzo:

    100-0: 289ft
    60-0: 106

    Carrera GT:

    100-0: 277ft
    60-0: 101ft

    I guess that's what happens when the viper team just sticks with putting a big engine into a car........

  9. Figure 8 track times:

    srt10: 23.9
    Enzo: 24.5
    lambo murci: 24.7
    vette zo6 24.8
    575m: 25.2
    Gallardo: 25.2

    Now, if the viper "sucks ass", then what do these cars it beats suck??

  10. You're right, the last time I challenged an Enzo to a race around the figure 8 he declined.

    Its not fair to use a track for a car designed to handle on a big infinity sign.
  11. The figure 8 track tests acceleration, braking, cornering, hard, long turns in both directions, and all transitions between.

  12. Where did you get these numbers from? Were they taken on the same day?
  13. Motortrend, not all the same day, but they are all from the same test track.
  14. Didn't help it on the track did it?
  15. I just find it hard to believe a Viper could out brake a CGT or an Enzo.
  16. MotorTrend.

    The viper srt10 was driven by FIA/Trans am driver Justin Bell, june 2003.

    The enzo and carrera GT were driven by IRL driver Bryan Herta, in MTs newest issue.

    Both tests were done at Fords Arizona Proving Grounds 5-mile track, and probably under the same conditions. (the weather doesn't really change in the desert)

  17. that is a pretty unremarkable performance on the ring. the car should be a lot faster on some of the points on the track such as Schwerdenkreuz, Bergwerk and Galgenhoph.
  18. Ok, I'm assuming you didn't intend to post that picture... but anyway, yeah, the SRT-10 has exceptionally good brembo brakes, almost all tests of it make note of that, it was a major weak point in the earlier Vipers, so they really made an effort to address it. The brakes are 14" vented disks all around, cast iron though, so with extended track use the Enzo and CGT brakes would eventually take back the advantage.
  19. Braking is not all that is needed in track racing. What I'm saying is, the only major testing I've seen or even heard of for the Viper has been from Magazines. I haven't heard of Dodge actualy doing major testing.

    When GM take the Corvette to N-Ring, they spend 10 days there at a time and are on the track like 12hr each day. Then they have various tracks in the states that they use to test on, and now GM has built there own mini N-Ring to test on.

    For example, they were testing the C6 LS2 in C5 mock-ups in 1999 (The car is in the National Corvette Museum)

    Another thing that Chrystler doesn't have is a Factory based Viper race car for LeMans. GM has taken some major advantages since they started doing this.

    If I'm wrong about this testing please show me something............
  20. As Viper 1426 stated, the SRT-10 did indeed achieve a 23.9 second run in MT's figure 8 track, beating out the GT, Murcielago, 575M, ZO6, and somehow, the Enzo...

    So this COULD just be a case of bad track conditions, driver not use to the car, temperature, etc. But rest assured, the SRT-10 IS an impressive track car. Let's hope the coupe version will rectify this disappointment
  21. Err...I would actually take those MT figure-8 tests with a grain of salt. Especially if we try to cross-reference them with different sessions with different drivers (Herta vs Bell). All we can say is that on such and such a day with this driver at the wheel, he was faster in this car than in another, on a very controlled course that involves acceleration, braking, and turning (in both directions absolutely evenly), but without some of the variables that come up in real track testing: banked turns, off-camber turns, decreasing/increasing radius, chicanes, blind crests, etc.
    I'm quite confident that the Ferrari Enzo and Ford GT would absolutely *blitz* the SRT-10 on most any road course, despite what MT's figure-8 might suggest.

    The real question is: Does anyone (besides Porsche996Turbo) in their right mind think an SRT-10 would be beaten (and in some cases, *significantly*) in various turns of the 'Ring by this?
  22. its obvious the car could go faster around the track...if u think this car is that slow..ur retarded
  23. i dont understand the relevance, its no myth that the CGT can shave at least 10 seconds off its previous time.
  24. Maybe there was a defect with the test car that managed to go unnoticed, causing its performance to suffer.
  25. Thats becasue the CGT's first lap was in the wet...

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