VIPER VENOM 1000TT!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. This is one KICK ASS CAR!

    0-60: 1.85 sec
    1/4 mile: 8.93 sec

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    That is very impressive...

    only problem is...
    this is like the third 1000tt thread...
    plus i thought the 1000tt was blue, not yellow!
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    yea does any other thread have dyno pics?
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    LOL, look at the reaction time one the transcript... 2.8105 LOL, a perfect time is .500, ill bet if the reaction time was alot better the viper might run 7s who knows...
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    At long last, something to shove in the faces of the 2002 Lingenfelter TT Vette fans.
  7. Re:

    Actual Performance:
    0-60 mph: 2.2 sec
    0-100 mph: 5.1 sec
    1/4 mile: 8.39 sec @ 152 mph
    Top Speed: 250+ mph
    Lateral Acceleration: 1.36g
    Braking 60-0: 110 ft
    Slalom Speed: 75.1 mph
    Gas Mileage City/Highway: -/-

    Modifications Over Stock Viper:

    * Engine displacement increased to 510 cubic inches (4.03 in. x 4.00 in.)
    * Forged Aluminum Pistons
    * Steel Wrist Pins
    * Forged Steel Rods
    * Off-set Machined Stock Crankshaft
    * Coated Rod Bearings
    * Balanced Rotating Assembly
    * Twin Garrett Ball Bearing Turbos
    * Front Mounted Intercooler
    * Polished Stainless Steel Inlet Tubes
    * Silicone Intercooler Hoses with T-Clamps
    * Stainless Steel Turbo Headers
    * Stainless Steel Turbo Down Pipes
    * External Wastegates
    * 3 in. Stainless Steel Exhaust System
    * Ported/Polished Cylinder Heads with Stainless Steel Valves
    * Upgraded Valve Springs
    * Titanium Retainers
    * 3-Angle Valve Job
    * T&D 1.7 Ratio Shaft Rockerarms
    * Hardened Pushrods
    * Upgraded Hydraulic Lifters
    * Upgraded Fuel Injectors
    * Upgraded Fuel Rails
    * Upgraded Fuel Pump & Fuel Lines
    * Upgraded Fuel Pressure Regulator
    * Centerforce Clutch Upgrade
    * Mobil One 15/50 Synthetic Oil & Mobile One Filter
    * All Necessary Gaskets & Fluids
    * Air/Fuel Calibration
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    A reaction time of 2.8 is humiliating. And a perfect time is a .4
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    TNT K, your sig is bullshit.
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    those Corvette stats are definately wrong. unless its like an 18 speed
    you can`t do 0-100 in 4.3 and still go 250mph/ its impossible for a 6 speed. look at the Tacoma Pikes Peak 0-60 in 1.67 seconds 0-100 4.9 seconds but the top speed is 133mp/h. its has 1000bhp. the Vette has 850 theres no way its does 0-100 in 4.3 and still goes 250mph/ with an 850bhp and 6 speed
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    I was, at one point, 13.
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    the part about being canadian is better than being an american
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    Hi guys, or gals im new to this forum....yeah the 1000tt is blue, i have seen and heard that car its badass!! I own a Black RT-10. My car is totally stock...i wish i had a 1000TT but a RT-10 will do for now:D
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    I was, at one point, 13.
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    Well said.
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    i thought it was rather funny...
    though i am Austrailan...
    and Australia is like America's lap dog...
    America does 2 war...we go to war...
    America hates a nation...we hate them too...
    America has a dickhead of a does Australia!
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    The 1000TT did hit the 8.93 1/4 mile but it was runnin nitrous then and the automatic racing tranny.

    Direct quote from

    "Venom 1000 Twin Turbo Upgrade

    Power Output:

    800 - 950+ Rear Wheel HP (900 - 1,100+ Flywheel HP)
    900 - 1,000+ Rear Wheel Torque (1,000 - 1,200+ Flywheel Torque)
    Note: Power output depends on several factors including year/model Viper, fuel octane rating and desired application. Please call for more information.

    Acceleration (Optional Automatic Transmission):

    0-60: 1.85 sec. *
    1/4 mile (with NOS): 8.93 sec. @ 149.65 mph *
    1/4 mile (no NOS): 9.66 sec. @ 146 mph *

    Acceleration (Stock 6-Speed Transmission):

    0-60: 2.35 sec. *
    1/4 mile (with NOS): 9.52 sec. @ 156+ mph *
    1/4 mile (no NOS): 10.01 sec. @ 146 mph *

    Note: * Denotes Viper World Record"
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    all sounds sweet...
    except the Nos part...
    u'd pretty freakin crazy to put Nos in already super fast car...
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    yeah this car s really fast. And dude u need to take that anti-american bull shit off. If it werent for the usa there wouldnt be any good technology or 1000 horsepower cars. And since the 9-11 attacks were on there 2 year anniversery a couple days ago, you should have a little respect. I have no problems with canadians, but please have respect.
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    what do u mean if the yanks did make cars there wouldn't be any 1000tt technology...
    i think the Japs came up with must of the 1000+ bhp technology there selfs...

    i respect the Yanks... Just don't like Bush thats all...
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    I was, at one point, 13.
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    Technology in cars is pretty much the same ll over the world...
    only different countries try differnt things...
    American like Muscle over Turbos
    Japan like to use turbo and Nos
    European like to use compressed engines
    Australians just use every 1 else's technology...

    As for Technology in the military, say planes for example...
    the only plane the got used by almost every country for almost the same perpose...
    is the Panavia Tornado (except brittan they used it souly as a Fighter)...
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    I should have clarified. The US was the first country in the world to really start making really high horsepower cars. As it was kicked off with drag racing. I like supras and a few jap cars, but remember, japan is almost a carbon copy of the u.s., what we invent they just make better.Although the japs f'in rule when it comes to motorcycles! Also to my knowledge, we are the only country to use stealth in aircraft. If the russians have it, they stole it from the u.s.
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    I was, at one point, 13.
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    ya whats up w/that...
    the reason u need to shut ur big fuggin canadian mouth....
    we AMERICANS could walk right into nebody's country n burn their capitol down....just think of what we could do to just u


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