VIPER VENOM 1000TT!!!!!!!!!!

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    I was, at one point, 13.
  2. Re: VIPER VENOM 1000TT is ok dut a 1968dodgcoronetis better

    it it better
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    im a little skeptical; sounds alot like the 1000 tt, but where did u get that info?
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    They are selling the 1000TT production now. I saw in my DuPont Registry. You can get it in red.
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    Go to to check out the 1000TT and a bunch of other modified vipers.
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    To bad it will always be second to the Bugatti Veyron. I mean htat must be the reason to why the buggati cost almost 10 times as much as the viper.

    I love the new vipers but a car thats cost a million dollars is that expensive for a reason.

    Reason- have no words to explain how awsome the car is.
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    You're both a pair of salamis. A perfect reaction time IS .500 but it doesn't start counting your quarter mile time until you start moving, regardless of what your reaction time is.
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    Canada is the only country to invade the U.S. Capitol and burn the White House down.

    We couldn't do that to Vietnam.

    We can't do that to China. I'd like to see us try it with Korea.

    You are just dumb. I'm gonna burn one down.
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    This Site Is About Cars...Lets Keep All This Canadian American Bull For Another Site And Discuss What We All Like To Talk About-Cars. This Thing Is So Cool...Very Fast...I Wouldnt Mind Havin One In mmy Driveway...The Stats Are Crazy...0-60 mph....In Under 3 Seconds? Thats Crazy...Truely Genius...
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    and hitler had a plan for a long distance bomber that the drawings for (don't remember if they ever made a working prototype) looked almost exactly like our stealth bombers of today
    he was going to have it used for a nuclear attack on new york on his birthday but the war ended before then

    perhaps i should talk about the car and not history
    so yea
    a better thing to say would have been that if it wasn't for america almost no cars would use pushrod engines
    and then it would just be japaneese and europeans arguing about their cars
    which would just be boring as hell
    "hey my low displacement ultra high reving engine has mor valves than your low displacement ultra high reving engine.... YEA?! well i can get more turbos on my four cylinder engine than you!"
    so pointless
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    I being an american would just like to inform everyone that this guy does not speak for anyone but himself and his idiocy means nothing
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    I was, at one point, 13.
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    Oh, this is fast.
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    will someone please just visit the Hennessey website. Any viper can be turned into a 1000TT. Hennessey is a highprofile viper tuning company (many other vehicles too with a focus on vipers). Any viper owner or dealership can ship their car to Hennessey and get the 1000TT, 800TT, 650, 650R, 700, 750R engine package installed from 27K to 47K including a 2 year warranty!

    Used vipers are like 35K now so this is one hell of an opportunity for nearly anyone now (sort of).
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    LOL Ignorant people like you crack me up!!! These damn kids should just get the heck off this site its pissin me off. YES it is entirely possible. Motortrend tested it agaisnt a fighter jet and the corvette still won. Ok that pikes peak is a race car if you didnt know and that car is tuned ON PURPOSE not to go any faster than 140mph. And do you know why?? Well obviously not!! becasue that thing is flying around up in the mountians, now do you think its a good idea to go 300mph when a huge cliff is right there next to you??? (heres a hint: NO!!!)


    Watch a mpeg of the 9 sec 1/4 mile:
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    1000tt is unreal. what i wanna do is get the new dodge srt-10 ram and put a 1000tt kit in it
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    He just said something about snow. What's so offensive about that? On the topic, I still like the GTS-R concept.
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    too bad that it does. whats the matter? ur precious skyline get schooled?
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    too bad america invented the turbo over 50 years ago..., but nice try
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    yeah, gotta love the bugatti's 4 turbos
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    true Hennessey Motorsports in Houston, TX can do the 1000TT, 800TT, 650, 650R, 700, 750R engine packages but once it is done (if that ever happens) dont count on getting your car back from Hennessey Motorsports as some people who have sent Hennessey their vipers and corvettes Hennessey either didnt do anything to the car, stripped the parts on the customers car sold the parts and kept the car, and flat out just didnt give the car back to the owners. Check out these links to see what im referring too.

    now keep in mind im not saying if hes a bad guy but anyone who does that kind of crap to his own customers doesnt deserve to live yet get away with it. I for one wouldnt let a moron like hennessey touch my car or for that matter even look at it.
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    thats the biggest load of crap ever. if somebody did that they would sew hennessey for everything hes got and live like a king with 50 230mph cars in his house. people are just making hennessey look bad b/c hes done something great with the viper. lots of people dont like it. and thats why all the "vetts" have been stollen b/c "vette" owners are tired of getting killed when the rich neighboor buys himself a 800+hp viper. thats what slow people do when they lose. the just make fun of the one that beet them.

    mclaren? suck my turbine's!!!!
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    On the topic, the 1,000TT is impressive considering the warranty the damned thing comes with. It goes on my top ten "Cars-I-Would-Most-Like-To-Die-In-A-Horrible-Crash-In". (Keep reading, it may or may not be worth it)

    However, you guys do know that GIWASA has been building Vipers with 1,200bhp for quite some time now. Can't rememeber the exact stats, but they have a website if you want to look it up. I think they were something like:
    0-60mp/h: 3.0sec
    0-100mp/h: don't know... 5.6sec?
    (1/4)mi: 8.2sec
    Top Speed: 240+mp/h

    But to the other people, the Brits burned down our capitol.

    There was no Vietnam War, it was a policing action (which, in fact, is different from a war)

    Bush is nowhere near as dumb as many think. I'm willing to say anyone that thinks he is an idiot is of a far lower intelligence. People only say he's stupid 'cause he didn't know a few trivial facts that AT LEAST half of the people in America (and that's being generous to Americans) didn't know and he's made up a few words and misspronounced a few.
    I won't have to explain how intelligence doesn't relate to trivial facts AT ALL. If you don't understand now, you are too dumb to EVER get it.
    And as for language, did you ever think that his mind doesn't work in language? Or maybe that your vocabulary has little to nothing to do with intelligence? Besides, anyone that knows anything about linguistics knows that English is what I call a pre-post-pro language. English has MANY little bits to add onto a word (begining or end) to change it's meaning. So if you know what a post bit means (say "-ism") and a word means (say "fanatic"), and stick them together to make "fanaticism." Why shouldn't you be able to stick words that aren't OFFICIALLY mated like that to convey an idea? Besides, Webster is garbage and English needs to be reformed by a cunning linguist.

    Not done yet, if you want, I can write a paragraph that I guarantee nobody will be able to comprehend without a dictionary. If you want me to, I'll check this thread tomorrow.
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    indeed you are corect on the giwasa. i found a sight. if anybody knows how to read what ive got written, then we can find out what in the heck the giwasa viper has done to it. might i add, i know for a fact that it is supercharged!!!

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