VIPER VENOM 1000TT!!!!!!!!!!

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    shut up or we'll send Nebraska up there to kick you asses
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    Please say your kidding me? Please. For your own dignity. Why are you so ignorant and more importantly; wrong.
    the Lingenfelter 427TT can have the boost up rated so the engine runs 1,000bhp (can go 1,2000, but lets keep it at 1,000 for equality). Put them both on street slicks, the Vette would out run the viper in acceleration and top speed.
    It would also out handle it as it is lighter and suspenion is tighter,
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    the best way to know if the vette beats the viper or vice versa is to have a road comparo and another one a track and on windy and rainy conditions so it will be helpful to determin who is really the best between the both.
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    i have finally figured out why viper engines are so big. so they can have twin turbos and other goodies to make over a thousand horsepower. eat that viper haters.
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    Hey someone tell me something please. If what these specs say is true, that would mean that this car is one of the worlds fastest road legal production cars right? and would sit under the Bugatti Veyron in second place instead of the Chrysler ME 4 12.... =S Or is it because this Viper is tuned? Can someone please help me out here! lol.
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    Yeah That 2.0 whatever reaction time may be slow, but it wouldn't run 7's with a faster reaction time because the clock for a 1/4 mile race doesn't start until you trip the lights. Also the car has to build boost so thats why the reaction time was so slow.
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    yea cool car but i still think it's better off the streets
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    The 800tt runs at a mild 6psi, and hennessey Did lower the compression ratio to deal with that from 9.7:1 (stock viper) down to 9.0:1
    Add that to the 488ci engine, there is NO turbo lag.
    (don't have to build boost)
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    imagine the fuel economy on that thing...
    i'll be surprised if it's even 2 mpg
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    Dear nissanskyline

    I want to help you understand something. I'm a car enthusiast. Owned hyundai, now a Buick... I don't care what it is if I like it I buy it... period! I will not beat up the foriegn (japanese and other) cars, I drove and owned them. One thing they cannot do is compete with the domestics. Big cubes produce big power. Read the end of this notice as well please. Yes you can do a 0-100 in 4.3 and go 250 top speed. the 1962 and 1963 Chevy 409 was around 5.0 to 60 and topped out right around 155 MPH. It was a PIG it weighed over 4 thousand pounds! with a 3 speed automatic. Todays cars and more advanced technical and engineered in such a way that new levels have been achieved. I know for a stone cold fact that in 1969 and 1970 the Dodge (I'm more of a GM guy here so this is NOT partial) Superbird was banned from NASCAR racing because it was too fast, capable of over 210 mph's in 1970 and the tire manufacturers could NOT produce a tire to withstand that speed, so it was unsafe. Thus disqualified from the racing segment. A stock 2002 NOT 2004 Enzo Farrari does 0-60 in 3.4 NOT 4.3 and tops out around 218. It lacks power compared to this machine down nearly 400 ft lbs and 200 hp's it has a 6-speed as well. It is so easliy understood that the claims here of this machine is correct. One last thought. When was the last time anyone saw a 4 cylinder top fuel dragster? You don't because it takes massive size to produce massive power. That is why the muscle car era happened to begin with. and thus we have sports cars too! Nissans and toyotas STILL lack size and power and the ONLY reason they are trying is because they are USA built, and the american public is not 4 ft 11 inches tall, we love our cars BIG AND POWERFUL! I hope this helped you guys out a bit!

    The Killer
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    The winged mopar cars with Hemi engines were banned from nascar because they were to fast, but not because of tires, because that year those cars won 39 out of 42 races. (they banned it so there would be competitive racing again)

    Also, not all americans like big and powerful cars. For the last year, the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord have been the best selling cars in america. (followed by the civic, Then an american Taurus and impala)
  13. Viper thats because the american public has become auto-ignorant in the past 20 years....

    Ask someone if they know where their carb is these days, you'd probably get ushered under the hood to their wild goose chase........

    There is NO replacement for displacement, there never was. Except maybe nitromethane <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  14. No, i think it's because people have become smarter auto shoppers.

    Think about it, does america make a car that can compete with the mid sized, economy priced, family sedan 3.5L nissan altima, that runs 14.4?

    Also, i wouldn't get "ushered" under the hood. Some people can't find their hood latch.

  15. The 3.5 ain't economically priced my man, lol. And technically, since the SRT-4 is a sedan, it qualifies for mid-sized in my mind <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  16. But people don't go out and buy an srt4 at the rate of 213,000 a year ,which is the number of camrys sold. My point is that imported cars are out selling american cars (the camry was sold 25% more than the taurus, even the civic was ahead of an american car)
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    fahrenheit 911.............very good movie

    yes bush IS an idiot, americans, are awesome........just got a overpowered idiot of a leader who loves money WAAAAAAAAAAY to much

    and now because of millions of uncounted votes, he is in power for another 4 years in which things will only get worse..........worst case, and very probably senario, north america will be uninhabitable.

    bush doesn't want the "WAR" to come to american soil, that portrays his idiocy so well............he is only asking for it to be brought to american soil.

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    all for what? ..........oil which iraq has lots MONEY, bush LOOOOOVES money, and so does his good buddy osama bin laden.

    betcha didn't know that the country that bush is pushin war on, invests 860 billion dollers into america. why would bush want to push a war on them

    these are only some of the facts, go to that website and go to the facts page

    enjoy, all you bush supporters
  18. You do know that Michael Moore outright lied about alot of that stuff don't you? He just doesn't like Bush and did everything he could to ATTEMPT to get him out of office which included lying. Watch the news for once in your life.
  19. american news is terribly biased, if moore was lying then why was there such an effort to sensor him?? so much for free speech!
  20. I don't think it would be street legal.
  21. You are a perfect example of the average american. Stupid, ignorant and selfish.
    I respect americans but thi guy makes you guys look bad.
    Leave right now you ignorant 11 year old. and dont ever come back until you have actually grown a penis.
  22. There are some things more important than MAD FULLY TYTE YO GANGSTA quater miles, these are not all performance based. Name one, and I mean any american car that can match the Honda NSX in terms of performance and gas/milleage. Give up now there isnt one that exists. Sure you guys can build cars that are powerful and good for the purpose of which they are created. But they lack the refinement and overall quality of other countries cars.
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    Nice try, Rip. Not to turn this into a political thread, but check out and for some of your 'leaders' falsehoods. Nothing about censoring, he's just a bald faced liar. Truth, it's contagious.
  24. rember that Viper's grip is too little to gain this performance in total security...can only do drag competitions...but unfortunately, Ford focus drag car, wich has 2300cc and 1000cv and more hp do 1/4 mile in about 7.80....
    And I can tell one thing: i saw a 380h viper (base car) vs a 355....first a turn the viper must break at 120kph....lost grip and fall down a scarp....not good performance about breaks and grip...
    But I can tell Viper, is a really beautiful car...but only car That beat every car about beautiful is 208 turbo....

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