Viper VS Vette?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 2fast4me, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Read the November 2004 issue of Car and Driver.
  2. buy it for me
  3. Whats your address?
  4. Pedro Domingo Murillo 6517, PC: 11500, Montevideo - Uruguay.
  5. I am going with the Vette that does not exist. It would be very light.
  6. There was a C5 "Z07" Corvette. It was a 427 tuner car built by MTI.

    The production C6 Z06 will be called "Z06". Not "Z07". Don't call it that again.
  7. F- again. That car IS a Z06 wich was TUNED by MTI wich they then after called it a Z07. You can name the car any damn thing you want, it won't change that it's a Z06.

    Not A Production Car................Dumbass.


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