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  1. Have you got a story like the impreza story and gt-r story. But about the Lancer Evo?
  2. He only deals with BitTorrent, and if I remember correctly, you don't download from BitTorrent because it is associated with illegal downloads. Am I right?
  3. You're wrong.
  4. Yea, but my friend has it and he downloads them for me..
  5. Apparently I'm right.
  6. And getting stolen material from a friend rather than steal it yourself is ok.

    Nice way to rationalize
  7. Is bit torrent stolen material?

    Then why is it free?
  8. *my drops his head into his hand at the ignorance*

    Since there is illegal stuff on the Internet, does that make the Internet illegal? You guys better get off the Internet as someone in Timbuktu used it to download an MP3. Therefore the Internet is illegal and you can't use it! Go before the FBI gets you!

    *rolls eyes*

    No, BitTorrent is a program. Just because some people use it to spread illegal files does not make the program itself illegal.
  9. the Evo DVD sucks, i saw it once, and i dont want to waste my time watching it again. i was hoping it will be good as the GTR one.
  10. Yea, and don't ever go the Bank, because it's associated with robberies.
  11. Hehehe, couldn't have said it better myself.
  12. I was told by a friend that Bit Torrent was a p2p program which I don't use. I still don't know if it is or not.

    And you can't hardly get anything off winmx, kazaa etc unless it's illegal, and that's why I don't use p2p programs.
  13. Viper007Bond's site seems to be offline now too. I wonder if it's a consequence of the recent suprnova etc. shutdowns. Does anyone have a torrent for this week's ep of Top Gear they could PM me a link for? It's the last in the series (not including the best of ep) and I'd hate to miss it.
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  15. Do you mean last of the season?
  16. There's an episode next week.
  17. Next week = 'Best Of'?
  18. Don't think so. Not sure though. They just mentioned that they'd be back next week on Boxing day.

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