Vipers do not have bad handling.

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  1. It also pisses me off to see these people saying that the Viper has shitty handling. PLEASE!
    The Viper has pretty impressive handling, with good skidpad gripping and pretty good slalom speeds.
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    I KINDA agree with u. But most Vipers do, however, tend to swing their rear ends due to the tremendous amounts of power being transmitted to the rear drive wheels, especially when 500 bhp is being driven on the drive gears, making it kinda hard (in some cases) to keep the car glued on the road. But of course if u already knew that pressing the gas slightly rather than flooring it can cure this problem. Thus overall, Vipers do have excellent handling and really good slalom speeds.
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    Drive this car and u'll change ur mind...
    no driving assistance, u make a burn after each stop...
    sorry to say that but this car is known for beeing undrivable.
    power is nothing without control...
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    Shut up and get lost, kid!
    You've done enough Viper-bashing for one lifetime.
    This car was meant for the hands of SKILLED people. If you aren't skilled, get out. You aren't skilled. So get out.
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    Thank God for you. Intelligence and skill finally come into play in these forums. You're right - jamming the gas is a sure way to screw yourself over in this car. Patience, sense and skill are what you need for this car.
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    Flooring most RWD cars will cause problems. It's not just the viper that it happens to. People in the UK (my self included) can go on and on about how brillint TVR's and Lotuses are but the truth is that TVR's are worse than Viper in the handling. Both are brilliant cars and both require skill to drive but if somone is complaining tha a Viper spins when you floor it send them into a mental institute or somthing.
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    Well said. Some people don't realize these things. They probably don't know how cars work or how they react.

    Well, I say: Find a parking lot - empty, preferrably. Take a car. Do some 'learning'. Then come back and try to talk shit.
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    Whoever said that the Viper has bad handling either doesnt know what they are talking about or drives a Formula 1 every day. Vipers are one of the best handling street cars on the planet. I like cars that will step out on a corner if you give it some throttle. If you hate the rear stepping out problem then drive a front wheel drive car and let the vipers go around you. Did i mention that the viper handles better then any front wheel drive cars.

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    thank you
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    I agree with you 100%.

    Also a lot of people, when comparing the Viper to the Vette, say that the Vette has better handling. That may be true, but that is only because the Vette has electrical equipment that assists the driver. The Viper is a true driving machine... since you, the driver, drive 100% of the car. It's not ment for people who only want to drive 50% or 60% of their car.
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    Anybody that can't handle a viper is obviously not skilled enough. If you can't handle it, learn to. A car can only perform to the level of the driver is skilled at.
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    Bad handling? BS. The Viper has handling that is just as good as the Corvette's! This car requires a skilled ( I mean it really...) driver! Remember this! Don't post a reply about the Viper unless you know what your dealing with! I'll tell ya It's fast, it's powerful, it can handle good, and don't give me the " But the rear end swings out in sharper turns." Don't even say it! Ever heard of as you come out of the turn gently add a small amount of gas untill your out of the turn? Well it's hella true and you don't go to a race ( one with turns...) unless you know that!

    Who agree's with me?
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    Thank God for people like you, who are not biased against American cars. Of course, the TVR speed twelve would rape possibly any stock American car in a race of any sort. I'm American, and the only cars that I dont really like in general are Corvettes and Mmosler MT900s.
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    I completely agree with the last post. The viper is a force to be reckoned with.
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    Actually ive read many motoring journalists say how much they enjoy driving the viper BECAUSE of its tail-happy nature, it is the MOST fun you can have in a car!

    Doesn't the fact that this car runs out of puff after 4000rpm bother u guys? My car doesn't make maximum TORQUE until 4000rpm.
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    I agree with the fact that the Viper is very good handler, and yes it takes a skilled driver to drive one but then again so do many other supercars, I mean you're not gonna put a 15 year-old in Ferrari Enzo and expect the guy to drive it perfectly.

    As for the rpm, it's perfectly normal this gets its peak horsepower at 4000rpm, it takes a lot less time for this car to reach redline then say a Ferrari F50. Your car is probably Japanese since it takes some time for it to reach peak torque and horsepower, Jap cars are notoriously know for doing that which is why they don't really appeal to me. There is exceptions though.
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    Finally, some intelligent people posting in this topic.

    Like said many times before, if you can't handle it well, you're not skilled enough, get rid of the car, you don't deserve it. It takes skill to drive any supercar well. You can make any supercar handle like crap if you don't know what you're doing.
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    Wow, im so happy that people actually think about handling. I hate people that say crap like "American cars are heavy which means that they cant make a turn at all"

    I never hear any of that crap about the Skyline GT-Rs and they weigh nearly 4,000lbs!
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    Defenitly, any car can basically handle well, just depends on what the driver is used to, and if they are skilled at driving the particular car. I've heard vipers have had BAD handling, but also ive heard they have GREAT handling, so this is what im assuming, you just need to know how to drive the car <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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