Volkswagen 2.8 VR6 power troubles

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Archaeopteryx, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Arright guys, I'm looking at this 1997 Volkswagen Caravelle VR6 (don't ask), which has a 2.8 engine, don't know which other cars that engine sits in. Anyways, the guy who's selling it is a bit of a self-made mechanic type. The problem is that sometimes the engine suddenly loses around 40% of its power, before it goes back on 100% again, which ideally shouldn't happen obviously. Is this a common problem on these engines? The seller said this might be that the power switch for the fuel pump was bust, I'm not going to trust him on that though.

    Also, the engine vibrates when at high revs in 3rd gear, he said this might be because one of the engine mounts was close to breaking. Does this take a lot of work to fix?

    Anything else I should look out for on this car? It's been an ambulance before, gone 244 000kms, although the engine and transmission have been replaced and refurbished within the two last years, with initially around 70k on them.
  2. I would just generally stay away. Sounds very sketchy.

    The power issue could be a bunch of different things, from coils to sensors to a bunch of other things.

    the engine was used in the GTi VR6, Jetta, Passat, eurovan, and corrado.

    the easy way would be to go borrow an auto-zone scan tool and check the fault codes on the ECU.

    The VR6 motors are a bunch of hassle, but very cool, great sounding motors. I miss the sound of mine.
  3. Right, this is the Eurovan then, I think. The guy said he'd used the scan tool and found nothing. When we stopped after driving it for a bit and left the motor running, there was a strong odour of petrol though, I don't know if that might help.
  4. I never had any problem with my VR6.Im driving my corrado with the VR6 for last two years and until now everything seems to work just fine.I think the problem with the car you said is something with fuel.(damaged fuel pump or maybe injectors) to loosing power.I cant think anything else.But its better to look somewhere else for car and not buy a car with a bunch of problems that will cost you more at the end.
  5. Yeah, you don't want to buy that.
  6. Haha wow, when a "mechanic type guy" is selling a car with issues like that, you definitely don't want to buy.
  7. Agreed. It sounds like it's running super rich along with a few other problems. I'm sure it's all fixable, but if it used to be an ambulance, you know it has taken some pretty good abuse so who knows what else my be lurking just around the corner.

    And yes, the Caravelle and Eurovan are the same thing. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  8. We're sending it on this used car test before we're deciding to buy anything...

    Essentially, it will be a party transport thing for myself and 9 other friends who are graduating next year. We call it being a "Russ", which oddly close to the norwegian word for high, "rus" <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    So it will only be in use for 2-3 months, mostly May next year. It's being sold very cheap for a '97 VR6. It's much safer than pretty much anything else we can afford, mostly late 80s Vanagons (here called the T3 Caravelle). An uncle of one of my friends is a VW mechanic and we're being sponsored by the local VW dealership, but expensive repairs are still ruled out.
  9. can you not get a caravelle with a tdi engine? that would surely be more reliable
  10. I should. It's just that we're using an Ambulance theme on our outfits/car, so car that's used to be an ambulance would be excellent.
  11. you wont be able to keep up an "ambulance theme" fancy dress for 2-3 months, thats crazy talk!
  12. The 2.8 VR6 wasn't in the Passat, that was a 2.8 V6 30V (Audi designed engine). The VR6 came in 12 and 24V designs. That's the B5/5.5 Passat, the B6 might have the VR6 offered in it somewhere in the world, but not in the U.S (where you can now get it with the 3.6 VR6).
  13. Obviously not, but for major parties/events it should be very doable.
  14. About the engine mount, when thoses break, the whole car shakes and when you drive it, it gets loud in the car, and as you increase your speed, it gets even more louder. I'm thinking that the third gear is going in the tranny.

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