Volkswagen Neeza Concept will debut in China

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  1. Autoblog Chinese will be attending the Beijing Auto Show later this month, but just like any auto show, official sketches and renderings of vehicles that will be on display in Beijing are already being released. This one is the Volkswagen Neeza Concept, which looks a lot like a VW-branded version of the Audi Q7 with suicide doors to show off the concept interior. We don't know too much about the vehicle, except that it has cameras in place of review mirrors and seems to sport the latest in digital entertainment technology, including the ability to accept all types of media formats and store data on its own internal hard drive. We'll have to wait until the end of the month before we can bring you more on the Neeza, and all the concepts being shown at the Beijing Motor Show for that matter. You can, however, check out a full gallery of sketches and renderings of the Neeza after the jump.

    [Source: Autoblog Chinese]
  2. Well that's pretty random.
  3. some more pics:
  4. Holy R class batman!
  5. does anyone else feel we are seeing the emergence of a new class of vehicles between the sports estate and the mpv? egs of cars in this class, R Class (as Revolver pointed out), any others? I always thought the Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo is abit out of all categories, not quite a SUV, not an MPV, not quite a sports estate. interesting class
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  7. yeah they are called crossovers, :p
  8. looks pretty nice.

    The should bring in the minority report lexus, but make it a hybrid.

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