Volkswagen XL1 to Cost $146,600

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    New technology never comes cheap, and that will hold true for Volkswagen's radical XL1 plug-in hybrid.

    In a recent interview with Germany's Wirtschafts Woche, VW board member Ulrich Hackenberg revealed just how much the XL1 will cost when it hits the European market early next year – a cool 111,000 euros, or 146,600 when converted to U.S. dollars.

    Although seemingly a lot to pay for a hybrid city car, the XL1 is packed with technology, including a carbon fiber monocoque, seven-speed dual clutch transmission and lithium-ion battery pack. The XL1 promises to return better than 230 miles per gallon.

    Buyers won't get much in the way of creature comforts for that six-digit price tag – the XL1 uses things like crank windows to save on weight – but the plug-in will at least be exclusive. VW says it will only build 250 examples of the XL1.
  2. I understand a car like this is expensive but I guess they wont be selling much.
  3. Same money would buy a Cayman S, That is actually quite cheap for something that exclusive.
    Cant wait for the first turbo-bike-engine conversion... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  4. Where I'm from, that's like Mercedes SL money. and I'd still rather have this than the SL.

    I actually love this thing. This is a game changer right here. I think it's reasonably priced.
  5. Why do you love this thing? I think you'd get bored with it real fast.
  6. I'd rather just have a Model S. This thing is stupid.
  7. because of what it represents.

    this might be the swan song for internal combustion engines. like it or not, it's these cars and hybrids that offer car enthusiast kind the best chance at keeping around gas powered cars.

    VW also knew that like, 1000miles per gallon doesn't beat a completely plug in hybrid. but that's not the point. it's satisfying or improving gasoline and diesel engines to the point where their consumption should no longer be a debate.

    hell, just having a vehicle like this in a companys portfolio will alleviate their image.

    I can see the magazine ads now, Bugatti Veyron next to Aventador next to V10 Toureg Diesel next to Cayenne Turbo S next to Audi S8 next to XL1.
  9. No wonder the designer wouldnt tell me the projected price when I met him at Goodwood.

    I like it, but that is #$%#ing ridiculous
  11. i absolutely love this car
  12. an expensive VW

  13. This.
    But I'd rather have a Model S than almost any other car in history.
  14. I actually had to google the Tesla. Looks pretty nice. Quickly specced a Model S for 117 000 USD. Im quessing this would be something like 200ke here. A pretty steep price for something that is no different than a basic Avensis.

    The Volkswagen would still be far more impressive as a car.
  15. Umm, the Model S bears no resemblance in style, function, or performance to a "basic Avensis".
  16. It kinda does
  17. Speaking of electric cars... how well do they function during winter? And how much does using the heater affect your range?
  18. In that they both have four wheels and four doors, yes. Beyond what every sedan has in
  19. Ok, yeah, it is a bit bigger and more luxurious. Faster too, but I recently measured how fast I could accelerate with my Mini, a decent effort was 13 seconds to hundred. Family cars dont ever need be quicker than 15s to 100km/h.

    Then I was also wrong about the pricing, being electric it probably passes with minimal taxing, so it might be quite close to that dollar price just turned to euros.

    My bad.

  20. Neither the Model S nor the XL1 are family cars. I could just an easily say the XL1 is basically the same as a Gen I Honda Insight, but doing so would be massively missing the intended purpose of either vehicle. The Model S is a LUXURY CAR. Not a family sedan. It's more BMW M5 or Merc E63 than Toyota compact. Unless, you consider those cars to basically the same as an Avensis. In which case, I worry for your sanity.
  22. Hybrids are dumb and pointless.
  23. Actually closer to 120k because you'd only have to pay the VAT.
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