Volkswagen XL1 to Cost $146,600

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. The range for the S in autobahn speed is?
  2. and the top speed of the XL1 is?
  3. 99 Mph electronically limited.
  4. If it can't do triple digits it's not an autobahn cruiser. I wouldn't classify the XL1 to be any sort of cruiser. It's a mk 1 Honda Insight for people with more money than brains.
  5. It was a rhetorical question, since it's unrealistic to call a car that can't top 100mph an "autobahn cruiser"....

    I don't know why I bothered explaining that to you, since you're clearly an idiot.

    ugh, w/e
  6. if i won a shitload of money on the lottery I'd have an XL1 as my daily driver, probably.
  7. I think you avoid the topic S vs XL1, being slippery.
    So how far do you get at 99 Mph with the S?
  8. Because range is the only metric that matters, ever.
  9. Why is Tesla the only car company that makes their electric vehicles not look like bad sci-fi props with either outrageous styling or horrible proportions?
  10. Because most other electric cars on the market are made by traditional car manufacturers. They use those cars as show pieces to show off their technical innovation. Tesla is trying to make (their) electric cars mainstream.
  11. Very cool vehicle. But I much rather have a Tesla Model S.
  12. Agree.

    I sat in one at Goodwood and it was pretty great.
  14. I smell another Phaeton (overpriced VW, although awesome, won't really sell)
  15. Not really. VW only plan to make 250, as opposed to it being a fully fledged series production car. I don't think they will have much trouble selling out.

    It's as much a technological exercise as a Veryon or an LFA is. I doubt VW will make much if anything even at this price for the XL-1
  16. Why?
  17. i'd want something super special, but still want to feel like i was driving a sensible city car day to day.

    When you have millions upon millions at your disposal, the difference between an Up and an XL1 basically comes down to economy, rarity and looks, where the XL1 wins every comparison.
  18. A fully loaded Golf GTI + all the fuel you'll need for the car + a considerable amount of cocaine = better value imo
  19. It's not a question of value. Your argument could be applied to any premium car. He said he wanted something special. An XL1 is special. A GTI is not.
  20. Isn't $146k like R8 money?

    I don't really consider this XL1 thing a "premium car" but a pseudo-testbed for new hybrid tech. Which is cool in its own right, just not something I'd choose for a daily driver.
  21. Well, it's not really suited to anything else, so daily driver it is!
  22. i'm talking a lottery win of "never run out of money" proportions. the sort where the price of practically any car becomes insignificant.

    XL1 will always win over a GTI. I'd probably get an R8 too, and 18 other cars.
  23. I guess they didn't learn from the Phaeton.

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