Volvo 8x8

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  1. Just found this picture.

    This truck was a prototype that were planned to enter service in the Swedish Armed Forces during the 70s. It was cancelled and the only prototype destroyed.
  2. Dahlis, find me that thing that Volvo made, that chops trees and instantly shreds off the skin off the tree and all that, with that hydraulic arm and all...
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    I dont think volvo makes any of those. There might be some machines that use volvo engines or are based on volvo diggers i dont know.

    You mean something like this right:
  4. Indeed, like the Rotne H20, something like that, it had Volvo in white letters on the side of the Cab, and the whole cab was sprayed white...ill search for some pics...
  5. looks badass.

    and harvesters are awesome. i had a go at on, it was a bit different than that though - it was based off an escavator. great fun
  6. The likeliness of being killed when crashing a Swedish army 70s Volvo terrain vehicle when driving more than 50km/h is 100%. I find that very amusing.
  7. Hahahahahaha, that is morbidly awesome.
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  10. **** V3 stupid ****-ness won't let me add photo.

    Hey V3, **** you.
  12. Didnt they scrap it?
  13. Photo of angry Volvo 8x8
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