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  1. Rep. Todd Akin, Missouri's GOP Senate candidate, has questioned whether women can become pregnant when they're raped.

    Akin said in an interview with St. Louis television station KTVI released Sunday that pregnancy from rape is "really rare." A video of the interview is posted on the station's website.

    Akin has said he opposes most abortions, and said in the interview that if a woman is raped, her body "has ways to shut that whole thing down."

    Akin has served six terms and has said he's Missouri's most conservative congressman. He's running against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

    McCaskill's campaign said Sunday that "Akin's record is riddled with policies and votes that hurt women."

    Akin said Sunday the punishment for rape should be focused on the rapist and not "attacking the child."
  2. I think I'm the only Democrat in a 500 mile radius.
  3. He didn't directly question whether women can become pregnant from being raped, stupid news article. He for sure said some dumb shit, but it sounds like whatever site you pasted that article from is twisting what he said. I'm not a fan of republicans, but I'm even less of a fan of misinformation.
  4. "...said in the interview that if a woman is raped, her body "has ways to shut that whole thing down.""
  5. Vote Parti Québecois.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  6. I think I like Romney because of his private equity background. Just get rid off these creationists anti-abortion wackos. These guys want to see humanity going 500 years back and want peoples' minds get possessed by their views. I guess they're a good source of votes, though.
  7. 49.4% oui
    50.6% non
  8. But Romney and his running mate ARE those creationist anti-abortion wackos.

    Ryan said he'd like to criminalize artificial insemination, for example.
  9. Gay rights and women with babies are the least of America's problems. America is soon to be the fall of Rome, all over again.

    scratch that; Rome lasted a lot longer then America's Legacy. The history books might even forget about them all together.
  12. were taking you down with us dont worry
  14. He's an unfunny burner.

    Bring back burner
  15. Not really. On both parts.
  16. They're all part of the Zionist machine.
  17. I hate those damn zions, they're too boxy
  18. some jews seriously need to get together and start a metal band under the moniker 'the zionist machine'
  19. Not the same.. Could have easily been taken out of context
  20. You don't own all of our resources.
  21. just enough
  22. refer to my avatar
  23. i was doing that when i first read your post yesterday, yeah
  24. i don't think he knows something that the rest of us don't know when saying the human body can kill off its embryo because it knows it was the result of non-consensual sex. not much to be taken out context after that.
  25. thank god we're letting his kind rewrite schoolbooks via legislation.

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