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  1. I want the republicans to win because it makes our newspapers get their panties in a bunch.

    Lately I've mostly taken a troll stance to all politics since in the end I don't have much influence anyway so it's pointless to care. Also I feel that all politicians around here live in a different world than I do with their own ridiculous manners and language.
  2. I want republican to win becaurse can make new war have more interesting news and borrow more money from ICBC (InterContinental Ballistic Crackhead, new China secret weapon program, also quite large bank).
  3. We're one of (probably THE) biggest trading partners for those resources. You can have all the resources in the world, but it doesn't do you any good if you've got no one to sell them to...
  4. Tankers can go overseas.
  5. But anit-abortion is small government? Right?
  6. Not yet. For the time being, Canada's (needless to say, vast) energy resources can really only be economically shipped south. There was a time in the 60s when it was possible to ship most of Western natural gas production to the population centers in the East (via the TransCanada Mainline system), but as production grew most new infrastructure was built facing South. It's to the point now that, despite being a net-exporter of some million-and-a-half barrels of oil per day (and a similarly large figure for natural gas), Eastern Canada is a net importer of energy on the scale of a million barrels a day (mostly from the North Sea). Of course, given the discrepancy between Brent and WTI this is pretty bad business.

    There is a single pipeline, terminating in Vancouver, that can transport Canadian Heavy crude to the Pacific, with a capacity if some 200,000 bbl/day. Anything more than that has to be transported by rail - at a cost of something like $10-15 per barrel per 1000km. That's huge; a well-maintained pipeline might cost $1. And to think, when Canada's largest refiner (Irving Oil) found its refineries to be under capacity, they tried to fill the void with Canadian surplus. The oil traveled by rail to Vancouver, then by ship round the bulk of North America, through the Panama Canal, up the east coast to New Brunswick to be processed. Needless to say it was not economic.

    PetroChina, Sinopec, and Indian oil firms have all supported the idea of large-capacity (500,000-700,000 bbl/day) pipelines to the Canadian west coast, and have even offered to bankroll projects. However, environmental and legal barriers have been huge - Enbridge's Northern Gateway project has been on-and-off front page news for about a year now in Canada, despite having the full backing of the Alberta and federal governments. Its a tough sell.
  7. At current rates, the American oil market is pretty level. If Canadian oil producers want continued growth, emerging markets in Asia are the only way to go. And they're all but too happy to be customers. The issue isn't having nobody to sell to (there's more than enough to sell to between India and China), but about the infrastructure.
  8. another retarded post by amgdroolz

    also we are not china
  9. wait that walper retard is canadain? i thought hes asstralian lol
  10. give australians some credit (just a little)
  11. I implied economically and logistically feasible customers, obviously. There will always be somebody willing to pay you, but can you get the product to them and earn a dime while you're at it? Plus, I'm talking more than just oil. Don't we buy a shitload of electricity from you guys as well? And fertilizer chemicals (I want to say Alberta Potash)?
  12. amg is the worst

    he doesnt know anythingy et he wont stop talking about stuff
  13. We do a lot of business generally. What is the statistic that gets thrown around all the time? More trade crosses the Ambassador Bridge than all trade between France and Germany. The whole Eastern Corridor buys surplus electricity from Hydro Quebec; Potash Corp. (actually based out of Saskatchewan) is a huge supplier to the US definitely; and of course the uranium (more than half of all nuclear fuel in the US is mined in Canada), oil, and natural gas markets. And that's just natural resources (which are a minority chunk of US-Canada trade).

    The economics aren't in question. In terms of economically putting the oil on a ship at a huge profit, it is absolutely, no questions about it, feasible. Enbridge doesn't even have regulatory approval for its Northern Gateway pipeline, and Asian customers have already bought rights to 100% of its capacity (about $20B/year worth of product), and Alberta producers have already bought transit rights for 100% of its capacity. Financing for the project has been secured, the steel for the pipe is already paid for, workers are available, the design is frozen, and the land prices are being negotiated. The problem is nearly entirely political: crossing BC's forests and native lands is a tricky process, and environmental concerns are high.
  14. I is not even begin to argue with that for same reason I is not play chess against Kasparov.

    My point I was try to make to AMG you make quite clear in next post. America is not only country in world capable of buy oil.
  15. amerikkka suck

    burn pig nation

  16. but california is a part of america
  17. lil jon

    he always tells the truth
  18. China, India.

    You may remember them, they took all the middle class jobs.
  19. More like jobs of proletariat.

    We take middle class job in next 30 years or so.
  20. 30 years? growth too slow, wall st. moves all its investments to vietnam (china's china). you lose internet connection and never post again

    great success
  21. Vietnam too small to be China. Is smaller than one province of China.

  22. doesnt matter. labor there is a fraction of the cost of labor in china
  23. And in Somalia is even cheaper. What is your point?
  24. vietnam has a functioning government though dude

    the president of somalia basically lives under house arrest in his palace
  25. Maybe you quite less familiar with concept of industrialization or you have very short memory.

    What is South Korea in 1970? What is Taiwan in 1985? Place name is associate with cheap plastic item and soft animal toy. This like China in year 2000. You think every China person make Iphone assembly forever? Exercise constipation, stop rounding error.

    Already many of those textile and plastic factory buirld in Guangdong province in 80's is close and move to India or South East Asia for cheaper worker. New, more high-tech factory move in like buirld car or buirld computer or optical lens factory. China in 2011 buirld over 18 million car, more than Japan and America together or more than EU when in 2000 buirld less than Canada.

    After this will come job that now Korea or Japan person make, like sodomize woman for business man entertainment worker.

    Of course economy fast grow movement will slow down. But at that point China economy size courtyard buffalo, make America economy look like runt pig.

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