Voting contest 24

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  1. Only 4 entries this time.

    Keep in mind that I'm always open for suggestions if you've got a good pic or an idea for a certain car for the next contest.

    Your vote should be based on originality, quality and overall look of the chops.

    Cast your votes please.

    note: participants shouldn't vote for their own creation.

    also: I received some suggestions for future contests, please remind me of which cars you wanted for future contests.
  2. The original picture:
  3. #3 is the only one that appeals to me, really. I'll post my unfinished shop sometime later.
  4. lol @ number one, i voted 3.
  5. damnit i wish i finished mine
  6. i nominate the new toyota camry for next contest
  7. 3 even if i don't like the wheels
  8. i so would've won this <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    i prefer the design of number 3, but i think #4 is really well done so i voted for it.
  9. #3 made a terrible mistake. The CS concept's wheels are, in fact, perfect.
  10. 3 gets my vote, but 4 gets credit for originality.

    Can we have a murcielago for the next contest?
  11. I wasn't done yet, I had planned on also making it a bit thinner.
  12. I really like the bumper on #3. Very nice.
  13. When can we expect #25???

    This time around I will definitely have time to work on it. Already getting excited.
  14. I normally announce the participants when we've got at least 40 votes.

    I guess a new contest will be made next week.
  15. Yeah...kinda thought that. Just been awhile that it's been up and not 40 votes yet.
  16. 3 I guess.
  17. 4 looks kind of like a VW beetle, pretty cool.
  18. I'll announce the names of the participants later today
  19. I don't really like any of them, but for got my vote as its probably technically the best.

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