vs.Bentley or Rolls

Discussion in '2003 Maybach 62' started by PS2GT3, Aug 10, 2002.

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    This car may be superior in options and everything, but I don't like the looks very much. Give me a big-body bentley or a Rolls, they've got the looks and the name. But then again, I like driving too much to spend $350,000 on a car that I'm going to pay someone else to drive.
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    I'd get this I think... Horrible exterior but insane interior.
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    this car is way way way better than RR and bently this car had recliners in the back seats with tones of moniter in it this car much much better than them
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    yo put it like this i would want this car because its
    better but i have to get a bently because if a somebody put
    a scrach on my mayback im gonna have to pull out the AK
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    i wouldnt take either, i'd take this or a Barbarus S-class fully loaded
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    Shit. This car is the SHIT. Man, if i could, i would
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    Don't ever post on SC.net again.
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    i got 1 yesterday
    and this is freakin amazin
    the back seat is the shiz

    i would rather have a bently ver a rolls
    but this over both of them,

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