VW is improving Lambo guys!!!

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  1. VW is the greatest brand ever....They own so much companies and many of these comapnies get ideas from VW. Have you guys seen the concept D1 thats suppose to compete with mercs S class?? that kicks ass!!!
    and the 4WD colorado thats gonna take on the M class and the bmw x5.

    And the W12 supercar?? I think VW is improving on their designs and are no longer PEOPLES CAR. The CANTO concept sux!! the Air vent thing ont eh side is so HUGE and it just looks ugly, and all thanx to VW who saved LAmbos reputation by releasing the Miserlago (however u spell it)....some of you may think its ugly but at least its betetr than the CANTO which was previously designed by Lambo....
  2. You may be right

    I think Lamborghini is making a strategic move. They want a bigger company to support them because they will have better financial results ( they can get cheaper parts with better quality, share technology and evolve a car with a bigger budget). Furthermore Automobili Lamborghini has stated various times that they want to broaden their market. Now they sell about 300 cars per year. Their goal is to sell about 1500 Murcielagos per year and when the baby Lambo arrives to sell some additional (5-6000?). This is the reason why the factory at Sant'Agata was renovated and can produce more cars. And this is why the Diablo and Murcielago are more user-friendly(Viscous Traction, Stunning Interior, Custom Settings). All these ,however, will not spoil the brand reputation of the "exotic" Supercar that we all know.
    So, my friend, you have a point but not a totally correct one!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    By far Mercedes-Benz is the most innovative company in my opinion...
    Karl Benz and Gottleib Daimler invented the car,
    They were the ones who first introduced the ABS and check the
    Mercedes-Benz F400 Carving concept... (Apologies... I really am a sucker for Benz)
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    VW umbrella:

    Rolls Royce Motors (dunno the story bout the BMW-RR merge in 2000
    Porsche<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MB_CLK-GTR</i>
    <b>VW umbrella:

    Rolls Royce Motors (dunno the story bout the BMW-RR merge in 2000
    Porsche</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    VW got the cars, the drawings, the factories ++. But BMW got the Rolls Royce name.<!-- Signature -->
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    actually vw owns more than that...
    they ALSO own audi, seat,and skoda...thats all i know but they may be more.
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    Guys, just to make things clear, VW does not own Lambo, VW does not own Audi either. Audi and VW has splitted up officially, and Lambo is under Audi. And it is Audi that is responsible for the unfavored styling of the new Murc, it is Audi that scrapped the super exotic and aggressive design of the Canto.
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    Davut, where did u get the news of VW splitting with Audi?? Canu give me the Article??

    Also Racer X, VW does own Porsche. They even built the Porsche 4WD and the VW colorado together.
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    Guys, guys, guys, and girls if there are any... I think you all are failing to realize that whomever may own Lamborghini and other companies does not design the cars. Just to take Audi for an example, I'm going off what somebody else said so dont jump on my back! Anyway, lets say Audi does actually own Lamborghini. The that means Audi collects a portion of Lamborghini's profits, Audi partially funds Lamborghini's expenditures (tests, models, concepts...). Audi also MAY decide what concepts will be produced and what wont. Audi does not design any of Lamborghini's vehicles, they may build them but not design them. Lamborghini has its own designers and so does Audi. So dont give Aud or Volkswagen all of the credit for Lamborghini's success because Lamborghini has its own designers, and engineer's. <!-- Signature -->
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    Actually, The Murc IS designed by Audi's chief stylist, I forgot his name, but I read it somewhere. Is Audi SUPPOSED to do that? Hell no, they just destroyed a prestique marque, but the painful fact is that they already did it. =(

    I got the news of VW and Audi officially splitting at
    the Nov 24th news at this link:

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    I wish they were their own seperate company but the plus side is they have more money to build better supercars<!-- Signature -->
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    You dickheads, VW owns Audi. But Audi by itself owns Lambo, geez didn't any of you read read the Nov. Wheels Mag???
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    actually, marcello gandini designed the diablo and the overall design of the murcielago was from marcello gandini!!!!!!!

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