VW releases sketch of all-new saloon

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  1. Angular four-door destined for US only - but previews next Passat
    VW saloon sketch

    Auto Express Car Reviews
    By Anand Mohan

    Is this the new 2012 Passat? Dr. Martin Winterkorn, chairman of the Volkswagen group has personally released this sketch of a mid-sized saloon car, codenamed the NMS (New Mid-sized Sedan). The sleek four-door will be manufactured at VW’s new plant at Chattanooga, Tennessee, which is currently under construction.

    The angular saloon is said to be slightly bigger than the Passat CC meaning more legroom for passengers in the back, while the creased bodywork and low roofline marks quite a departure from more conservative VW designs of the past.

    Unfortunately, Winterkorn has confirmed that the NMS is destined exclusively for the North American market – with a price tag of around USD 22,000 (around £15,000) when it hits the road in 2012. However, the new design language could be a big clue as to how the 2012 European Passat will shape up.
  2. well hello there Audi
  3. without the stupid grille

    I like
  4. it looks audish but also meaner so it's ok
  5. new phaeton im guessing
  6. Looks like a Chrysler or something.
  7. for 22k?
  8. i love it! its like if they went stright from the 90s and bypassed 10 years of gay bubbly melted egg car designs.
  9. wtf does VW need with a new model?
  10. Reminds me a bit the new camaro.
  11. Looks dated, like Acura Legend dated.
  12. 22k?? Might be my future family car
  13. but you die on july 14th 2011

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