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Discussion in '2001 HSV Grange' started by HsvRule, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Holden have announced the new vy caprice will have 240kw v8 standard which means that hsv are going to make a 300 kw grange when the long wheel base models come out in a couple months
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    I think its 245kw for the Caprice and both 260 and 300kw for the Grange.
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    yeah 245KW Caprice and 235KW Statesman.. So yeah you are right the HSV's will be 260 or/ 300KW. and with the new design should look fuc-en sweet!
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    WK, not VY.
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    Well peoples the WK Grange is now out, looks pretty good in most peoples opinion (except for the wheels some people don't like).

    Has 285kw and 510nm and HSV claim 5.8 to 100 and 13.9 to 400m.

    This is very impressive for an automatic car, when you consider the manual Falcon XR8 that weighs the same cannot pull these times.
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    it looks really good and with the interior to match. very quick for such a large car and i like the 19" wheels its got
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    It looks sweet and it's got one of the best Interior's iv'e ever seen in a car for that price.
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    yo i like what u said hsvrule and that sounds nice to hear but i think they should make 2 models of this next car and combine it with a mustang engine from ford and that so far would be the only big nice far out thing that will never happen but i think that it would be a good idea.

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