Vygor Opera: combination of GT and SUV

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    Following the initial announcements, the Italian carmaker from Tuscany Vygor has officially unveiled the Opera. The new car is a combination of a GT and SUV.

    The Vygor Opera combines the pleasure of driving a Gran Turismo with the safety of permanent four-wheel drive and the comfort of high ground clearance. That is further improved by the use of a new tubular chassis made of high-strength steel, double-triangle individual wheel suspension, with special shock absorbers. Total weight comes to only 1,500kg.

    Vygor has yet to unveil the full technical details for this car. It is still unknown where the engine comes from, but at least it is known the Opera will be offered in three different power stages ranging from 300 to over 400 horsepower.

    The production of the Vygor Opera will be limited to 150 cars. The Opera can be personalized through the selection of certain technical details, designs, and optional materials and fittings on both the inside and outside. Furthermore there will be a choice of rims starting from 18 to 22-inch.

    Mode technical details will be revealed in the near future, so stay tuned for more
  2. Its no X5.
  3. not quite fond of this
    gimme the infiniti fx or something
  4. Who honestly thought that a) this was a good idea and b) this was even remotely good looking?

    The people behind it should be shot.
  6. thankfully it'll never be built
  7. Looks like that horrible MG Xpower SV, but jacked up, and worse.

  8. It makes you wander
  9. Probably one of my favourite cars of this decade
  10. what coun try is this from?
  11. its a piece of shit like all crossovers are
  12. where can i get one
  13. The best crossover.
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    the best crossover
  15. YES
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  18. you KNOW i love the big game
  19. NO U
  20. no hes small hes only 5'11

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