W140 BRABUS SV12 (1995)

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    This is awesome, get alot for your money. this must of cost over £100,000 new.

    I have decided to sell my W140 series Brabus SV12. (one of two in this country). She is blue black metallic with black leather and in beautiful condition. I purchased her in December 2002 from Hamburg in Germany and she is left hand drive. Originally registered in september 1995 as an S600L the Brabus SV12 conversion was not carried out until 1999 at a similar cost to what the car was new. The mileage is 160,000 kilometres.
    The conversion consisted of the Brabus 7.3S engine being installed which produces 582bhp. Strengthened 5 speed auto box, stainless steel Brabus sports exhaust system, 19" monoblock wheels, sports suspension, big brake conversion, sports chassis, later type stability management system, brabus aerokit, xenon headlamps, dash assembly, steering wheel, gearknob and the cill kick plates. I believe she is fitted with most factory options that you could throw at her, from the electric orthopaedic seats, rear privacy blind, climate control, car phone, sat nav, etc.etc. Performance is simply awesome and fuel consumption around town is a very respectable 19mpg.
    The car is for sale for the sum of £20,995 o.v.n.o. and only being sold to help fund the purchase of a larger house with a bigger garage. The only problem is that I'll have no cars left to put in the bigger garage. Thank you for looking. (Price Reduced)

    100,000 miles

  2. Pb with S class is that they aquire Gipsy status as soon as the new one comes out.
  3. true
  4. I want it.
    I really really like the W140. Next to the W220 my favourite S-class.
    Too bad they look like a Taxi to everyone else.
  5. That's so awesome. I don't care if someone else thinks it looks boring/taxi
  7. i know its #$%#ing sweet
  8. Shows who has taste and who buys it becayuse its new (p996t)
  9. haha totally. it's also a taxi.
  10. Hello,
    if they should still have auto, I would buy it with pleasure.
    Many greets

    Mail: [email protected]
  11. PLease PM me for further infos

    Thanks you
  12. Stop it you mormon

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