1. is this REALLY a W16, the photo of the engine on this site and many others ive found make it look like a V16 rather than a W16

    look at the exhaust pipes going into the turbochargers, theres 8 of them in a line

    a W16 should be wider than it is long whereas this engine is long and thin like a V12

    any thoughts?
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    Why would they lie???
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    It is a W16. Its construction (as well as VW's other W-engines) is similar to VW's VR6 in that two banks of cylinders are covered by a single cylinder head with intake on one side and exhaust on the other. So, this W-16 will have four banks of cylinders and only two cylinder heads.
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    yes im aware of the construction, but just look at the engine photo, 8 exhausts in a line means 8 cylinders in a line which means V16

    photos of the W8 and W12 show an obvious W-shape

    an 8-litre W16 should only be marginally longer than a V8, i'd like to see someone try and fit this motor transversely under a Cadillac Seville's hood (normally 4.6 V8, and yes i know one's a VW and one's a Caddy, thats not the point)
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    Read my post again and you will note that after I said one cylinder head caps two banks of cylinders, I also stated that all the intakes are on one side of the cylinder head and all the exhausts are on the other side. So, on a VR6, you see six exhaust pipes coming out one side of the cylinder head right next to each other on what is a narrow-angle V6 (not inline-6) engine. The same thing is happening here. For the two banks of four cylinders (eight cylinders totdal) capped by the single cylinder head, you will see eight exhaust ports on one side of the head (thus eight exhaust pipes right next to each other), and eight intakes on the other side of the head.
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    well then ok
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    Sorry if that sounded rude. That wasn't my intention.
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    The reason why it doesn't look big is that they made the engine really compact, and it's not that heavy.
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    Very correct, here's the inside of it:
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    The reason why it looks so narrow, like a V-engine, is because VW made an exeptional job of making this engine as compact and space-saving as possible. It is also very light, for a 4-turbo W16. It also incorporates the latest variable valve timing technology. A work of art.
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    it truely is a work of art, its very compact.
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    They are some niiice pictures especially that middle one.
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    Variable valve timing? They put everything they got on this project! Damn, this will be a real piece of supercar.

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