W18 and 300kph

Discussion in '1999 Bugatti 18/3 Chiron' started by Vincent, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Why it has W18 but only 300kph topspeed?
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    Just because you have 18 cilinders, doesn't make the car fast. It has 555 horsepower, yes, but that doesn't mean either you can go fast. Al this power needs to reach the rear wheels properly. If something is adjusted wrong, the car is slower...

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    Rear wheels?? Duh its 4wd!!
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    I am 99% sure this car is limited. I very much doubt that it would, just by plain luck go exacly 300 kph. It is probably much faster without the limiter.
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    It's a PROTOTYPE. Not meant to perform well.
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    It has 2 cylinders more than the Bugatti Veyron but has only the half
    of the hp's Why????
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    18 cyl and 3 valves per cyl.=54 valves on 5600 rpm =555HP
    while a 16/4 has 16 cyl and 4 valves per cyl=64 rpm=6000 1001=hp
    Well let me tell 1 thing=the sound 16/4 makes is alot bigger than this that is a silent car for 555 (you dont even think youre in sports car!!!)
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    The 16/4 Veyron has a QUAD-TURBO engine.
    Does that answer your question?

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    Not just the quad intercooled turbos, also the Veyron's displacement is 8 litres to this car's 6.25, plus the 4 valve/cyl head to this one's 3.

    So, it's got bigger, better cylinders with more HP per litre to boot.
  10. Cylinder count has absolutely nothing to do with power output. Ever heard of a thousand horsepower four cylinder??? Ever heard of a N/A inline-six big rig production engine putting out 500-600hp???
  11. Some V6 and V8 engines can reach 300+ kmh. This is quite common for supercar concepts. Just look at the Volkswagen W12 Syncro Concept, it only had about 412 hp and couldnt reach 300 kmh. But still had a W12 engine!

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