wagons rock!

Discussion in '1998 Autech Stagea RS260' started by shypo, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. i normally dont like wagons but damn, 208.8kw, very nice
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    Finally, someone who said it so that I don't have to. Wagons are generally ugly and slow, but look at this badass Nissan. I'm going to see if I can convince my mom to buy this!!!
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    I've always liked station wagons i used to drive one but this one is a badass car. I'd drive it all the time
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    hehe, I think I've had a thing for wagons since my first car, An '82 Datsun Bluebird... man, that was the SHIT! 0-60 in about 16 seconds! lol... And I was lucky if it was firing on all 4 cylinders :p
    One of these? I wish.
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    the stagea uses the same driveline as an r33 gtr, and produces the same power
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    My Grandad just bough one of these literally this week and the thing flies along. Its nice the way it looks kinda inocent from the back but looks aggressive from the front. I'll post a few pix on here soon, just so the cocky dickheads dont start with the "Ur lying, U havent even seen one".<!-- Signature -->
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    To all you none Stagea beleiver/ Haters. I happen to own one of the baddest ass kicking "Wagons around" This car is a muscle pumping wolf in a family mans suit. It has a RB26DETT that puts out 996bhp/679ftlb torque. She rides on 19" bling blings with 245 yoko's out back and 235 yoko's up front. I have a GT-R 34 front clip. And she rides LOW! I live in Japan right now but plan to relocate back state side soon. Stand the F**K by! NON-BELIEVERS!!
  8. Anyone who thinks wagons in general are shit just because of the way they look or because they THINK they are slow are just plain uneducated. Go to the Autobahn in Germany and take your coupe/sedan/ or whatever you think might beat a wagon, and when you see an Audi/Merc./BMW or any kind of wagon in your rear view, move on over because they will run you over. Your car vs. an Audi RS6 Avante? Yeah that's funny. As for the Stagea, it has to be one of the best overall cars in the world, not just best overall wagon. I've seen these things be tuned in Japan anywhere from 600bhp to 1200bhp. And even with that insane amount of horses, it can still handle better than most cars. I've seen an 800bhp Stagea outhandle a 200bhp AE86 Hachi-roku. So shut your mouth.
  9. just to add that 500+bhp atw in one of these is surprisingly controllerble

    mine has an upgraded digital adustable awd set up . And even with proper launch control (which it also has) it is possible to launch with little or no wheelspin.

    Thats with 245 width 888s


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