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  2. Im not even going to look at that link because it must be B.S. or it doesnt even have the 429 in it.
  3. This guy must be living in a cave or something...
  4. The whole car, engine and all.
  5. did it you have to get on the approved bidder list?
  6. it's gone
    is there more than 1 kind of Ford 429?

  7. There's the normal 429 big-block, and the Boss 429 with the hemispherical heads. A real Mustang Boss 429 would obviously have the Boss 429 engine, and it would be easy to tell; I.E. the spark plugs in the center of the cylinder heads, going through the valvecovers.
  8. just making sure, because a friend of mine just bought a dumptruck with a 429 for $1500
    wondering if he got the steal deal, but it prolly has the regular 1
    still a huge working dumptruck for $1500 is a deal anyway
  9. impossible you will never find a 429 boss stang under 75000-105000$.
    the guy who posted that on ebay surely had a brain damage.

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