Waiting the new RS4....

Discussion in '2005 Audi A4 DTM Edition' started by CoRRaDo20V, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. Waiting the new RS4 to see it on roads.....Hope that will have a beutyful body kit from ABT.
  2. I've read they'll be putting in it a new version of the 4200cc V8 N/A that currently has the S4 with up to 400bhp. That should give the new BMW M3 a run for his money...
  3. definately liking the look of that car!!! much more mean looking
  4. the b7 is going to have an upgraded 4.2 with refined fuel mapping and even better airflow in and out of the engine. check out the audiworld.com forums they are really on top of all the new developments, people have even posted their order sheets for new A4's and S4's which will be delivered in feb.! i personally think the rs4 will be a bit of a letdown since the S4 is such an amazing machine already. what ever happened to the thrill of driving a twin turbocharged rocket, that had room for 5 and enough trunkspace to go camping....the old rs4 will never ever be replaced
  5. The old rs4 was great but i believe this will be better.
  6. Audi has the policy to turbocharging their engines so..am waiting to see 4.2L V8 maybee turbocharge or better the RS6's engine on the new RS4.
  7. Aear ago i had read in a magazine that the new rs4 will have the engine rs6 has now....I hope it will have a beautiful body kit from abt....As form the engine i would like something more extreme like a 5 lt twin turbo around 550-600 hp to continue the legend of the first rs4 which was indeed a very powerful car
  8. From what i've heard, Audi wants to show that it can create a powerful N/A car, and so it will be powered by the S4's 4.2 V8, but pumping out considerably more power and, of course, with a nice new quattro GmbH bodykit! This thing will make the original RS4 look slow, and with some luck, the BMW M3 and M5 also!

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