Wake up, America. I need car buying advice.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. My brother just relocated to Seattle, with his family. They're going to need cars. Help me crunch these numbers:
    First car, wife's. A minivan, second hand (like a Sienna or something), or whatever fits 3 kids comfortably. Up to $10,000.
    Second car, bro's. Will probably lease some mid-size sedan. I said Fusion - correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. dodge charger is good
  3. Can't you call some rich new York relative in show biz to lend you the money for a pepper Audi with matching earpiece?
  4. There are so many horrible and funny things I could say that are relevant to this thread, but I will restrain myself.

    Anyway, every hasid family in Brooklyn has a Sienna, so yeah, they'll fit right in.
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  6. just googled the sienna. daaaaaaaamn, that thing is ugly
  8. Bombs be upon you, you sorry excuse for infidels. The dude has 2.5 children and will need a car to fit them all in. Suggestions other than a Sienna are welcome, I just threw that one out because that's what the rental place gave them for their first month.
  9. Toyota camry
  10. He's not Indian.
  11. Chevy Astrovan
    Chevy Z34

    Buy them
  12. Used Honda Odessy
    Used VW Jetta Diesel 2003-2006ish
  13. Not sure why set on a minivan. Large sedan would work just as well, unless they carry a lot of shit on the regular.
  14. You know what's nice that I don't see often, that Acura TSX wagon. Probably too small though.
  15. Three little children with boosters take up a lot of back seat space. Most sedans can't handle it.
  16. I dont know why but the jetta diesel is pretty hard to find in WA.
  17. uhhhh, yeah they can. My Regal had no issue with 2 grown and 1 small kids, same for my Impala, my friend's G8 and Saturn Aura had no issues either. You don't need 30 cubic feet for a kid and a seat. I'd say the Impala had the best use of back room space. Even banged back there a few times.
  18. Buy American, that is all the advice you need.
  19. Ford Aerostar with ELECTRONIC FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE
  20. really? I thought they were plenty. I have one for my daily driver, had it chip tuned, and did the EGR valve delete, get about 50 mpg on the highway
  21. My uncle bought one for his wife two years ago and he had to go all the way to portland OR. to pick it up. Maybe there's more of then now-a-days.
  22. Toyota Camry? I learned to drive on one. They're solid cars, cheap to maintain, and there's about a trillion of them around here.
  23. id prefer an odyssey!
  24. Good, keep 'em coming. Now add the $10,000 budget to the equation. Obviously, they're going to want the car to be as new as possible.

    Also, I must add that I think it's funny how American cars would normally be the last ones we'd recommend around here.

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