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  1. lol, my dad does a enduro rally around the same area, they went through Sweet lamb etc, and as ameture drivers if the weathers too bad they will wait for it to clear, ice melt ect,
    for the FIA to cancel the stage, it must of been hurrendoes, my dad seems to remember a massive lake of a puddle that frezes over like a lake in this weather, and as they're on a scedule they wouldv'e had to skip the stage. and like Fxmano said- "The problem is that they aren't allowed to use ICE/Snow tyres for that rally"
  2. Monte Carlo? Slicks+snow+ice=RALLY
    Jari-Matti Latvala emerged from the Welsh forests this evening as overnight leader of Wales Rally GB, with a 12.9sec lead over second placed man Sebastien Loeb.

    Friday�s opening day of the competition was a complex affair, with two ice-covered stages cancelled on safety grounds, four of the others shortened and the day�s stage distance slashed from 123.68km to just 49.70km. But even though the competitive distance was less than expected, a mixture of rain, sleet and hail ensured the day remained enormously challenging.

    The icy and muddy conditions initially favoured drivers running down the start order, who made use of the tyre tracks left by the cars ahead. On his competitive debut in a WRC car, Citroen�s Sebastien Ogier was the early rally leader and held the position for three stages until BP Abu Dhabi team driver Latvala moved into the lead on the first of the repeated stages.

    Ford�s chances of challenging Citroen for the manufacturers� title were dealt a blow on SS5 when Mikko Hirvonen rolled his Focus - effectively giving Latvala the green light to go for the second victory of his career this weekend.

    �It�s been a long, long day, and the conditions have been extreme but at the same time it�s been very satisfying,� said Latvala. �I want to look for the win now, because we know that the manufacturers� championship isn�t so realistic any more after Mikko had a little off. But these things happen - Mikko was a bit unlucky. We�ll try and get the win from the rally now. I hope this was the most difficult day of this rally.�

    Citroen Total team driver Sebastien Loeb is second. "The conditions were really difficult," said Seb. "An off was possible even on the road sections, and running first on the road was a major handicap. We had nobody else's lines to guide us, and there was nothing to warn us of the patches of sheet ice where there was absolutely no grip whatsoever. We chose a pace which didn't mean taking any risks and I think that was the best approach given what's at stake here in the Manufacturers' championship."

    Like many drivers Loeb felt that Pirelli�s soft-compound gravel tyre - in standard form - was not well suited to such terrible conditions. �The start of SS6 was even delayed because of a hailstorm!� he said. �Our hard compound tyres weren't exactly in their element in the mud and couldn't provide enough grip. We aren't allowed to re-cut the tread patterns either, so we couldn't get extra grip that way. All in all, though, I think we came through the day fairly well..."

    Less than ten seconds behind Loeb, P-G Andersson finished the day in third - Suzuki�s best-ever daily placing in the WRC. �It�s been a great day today, and I am very proud to be on the podium overnight; the first time that this has happened for me or Suzuki with the SX4 WRC,� said Andersson. �Conditions today have been as bad as I can remember on the Rally Great Britain: even the road sections were slippery! But I�ve really enjoyed today and I am aiming for another strong run tomorrow.�

    Just 1.5sec behind Andersson is Norwegian privateer Mads Ostberg - the man who will lead the Adapta Subaru M2 team in 2009. �I�m very happy with today�s result because it�s been a very difficult day,� said Ostberg. �We had a good start position but even on the second pass through we weren�t far behind. We have proved that we have some good speed and we need to carry that on tomorrow. I came here with the aim of finishing in the points - having a perfect rally and setting good stage times remains our priority.�

    A slender 3.4sec behind Andersson, Petter Solberg is fifth for the Subaru World Rally Team. �The conditions today have been unbelievable,� said Solberg. �I was careful in the morning to check the surface and try and find the limit but it started well. We changed the set-up at the midday service and on the long one [SS6] we were fastest on the opening split times. After that the windscreen fogged up and I was driving purely from Phil�s notes and we lost about 14 or 15sec. Without that I think we could have been fighting for the lead!�

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    which is good to hear...
    After crashing heavily when their No. 6 Impreza slid off the road on ice at the start of stage seven, the first running of Walters Arena, Chris Atkinson was airlifted to hospital for observation.

    At 2120hrs this evening it was confirmed by the hospital's medical staff and the SWRT medical crew that Chris Atkinson had been discharged from the hospital and was returning to the team's hotel.

    Co-driver Stéphane Prévot was also visited by the event's medical crew on the scene but they deemed no further observation was necessary.

    Both drivers are ok.

    “It is deeply unfortunate that Chris and Stéphane suffered such a bad accident today” said David Richards, Subaru World Rally Team Principal. “We are in close contact with the hospital and they have recently confirmed to us that Chris will be released tonight. That they are both ok is testament to the strength and integrity of our new car and all the work that the team has put into improving the safety features.”
    Malcolm Wilson
    Team director, Ford World Rally Team
    “It’s probably been the most difficult day’s rallying this year, with the weather and Mikko’s accident. It was an uncharacteristic error by Mikko – quite unlike him. The good thing is he’s still going and the car can be repaired 100%. I’m delighted Jari-Matti is leading and, although our championship aspirations look a tall order, if the conditions are the same again tomorrow then anything can probably happen.”

    Olivier Quesnel
    Team principal, Citroen World Rally Team
    On today’s conditions and tyres...

    “It was a special day today, as the conditions were quite awful. For these conditions we didn’t have the right tyre. That’s not the fault of Pirelli, but the fault of the regulations. It is stupid, because today we could have made a nice rally for the spectators and competitors with an emergency tyre. It was bad – especially for the spectators. It was a mess and it was stupid. This is supposed to be a show and we need spectators, but we cannot put on a good show without good tyres. Obviously there is also the aspect of safety, and what we have been doing is not nice.”
    On Loeb’s pace and the Manufacturers’ title...

    “Sebastien has been first on the road today and that means he has come across the real problems first. He wants to get the win, but he also wants to be around tomorrow. Today it has been a lottery. It is also better to win the Manufacturers’ title than win the rally, and also to try and win the rally today would have been a big mistake. The Manufacturers’ title is far from over. Maybe tomorrow it will be my cars that are off the road.”
    On Sebastien Ogier...

    “We are very pleased with Ogier’s speed. Next year I hope he will do six rallies to learn about the WRC. He learns very quickly, as he has shown here.”

    David Richards
    Team principal, Subaru World Rally Team
    On today’s conditions and tyres...

    “It’s been an extremely frustrating day. For some time now, after the introduction of the control tyre, we have said that there should be an emergency tyre available in the event of extreme conditions. When conditions are like today it should be at the discretion of the clerk-of-the-course to use them. We should not find ourselves in a situation where we are not able to deliver to spectators, who have had an even more frustrating day than us. One of my guys drove down from Warwickshire at 6am today and hasn’t seen a rally car in action. How can we turn round to the general public and say that it was too slippery for the best drivers in the world to perform? It makes a mockery of the whole sport. We’ve repeatedly spoken to the FIA about this and we’ve been told it’s too complicated to sort out. We don’t accept this.”

    On Chris Atkinson...
    “Chris took a knock to the head on the rollcage, but the encouraging thing is how well the safety measures, such as the side impact and rollcage improvements, are working.”

    On Petter Solberg...
    “Petter is a little frustrated because of something stupid happening with the misted windscreen. Without that problem he feels he’d be up with the leaders. We’ll just see what tomorrow brings. It’s been a frustrating couple of years, but Petter is right to be optimistic.”

    Paul Wilding
    Team manager, Suzuki World Rally Team
    “What a fantastic day – we’re very pleased. We’ve proved the capability of the car. We’ve worked hard since Japan, and we always knew the car was good. We said it would take until the end of the season to come together and it has. It’s been a hard day, even if it’s not the longest of the event. Overall, though, it’s a fantastic first day.”

    3: Mikko Hirvonen/Jarmo Lehtinen
    “I took the watersplash really fast and I knew I’d go sideways – but I ended up a little too sideways! That put the front end in the ditch and then the car went over slowly. The problem was that there were not enough marshals to turn us over and it took a while to get the spectators to help. This is not a criticism, but in Finland it would have been quicker because of the way the marshals work. The car was broadside across the road, so to get Sordo by they pushed me more into the ditch. It was probably the right thing to do. All I can do on Saturday is drive flat out – I can’t lose any more. Who knows, maybe I can roll it again! Today I was up for the fight, but it didn’t last too long.”
  6. So if the teams were allowed emergency tyres, this rally would be a whole lot better.
    but thats rallying, thats what the whole sports about: making it toughf compared to the WRC's poncy cousin F1
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    0715hrs, drivers collected their cars and checked-out of Swansea’s overnight park ferme at two minute intervals.

    After a 10 minute service, crews head out for seven stages in more familiar territory than Friday’s route. Drivers face two identical loops of three forest tests before the traditional Saturday evening stage over a slightly modified route inside Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.

    Each loop begins with the classic Resolfen test near Swansea before two more stages further north, near Brecon. In total drivers will face 129.21km of competition before returning to Swansea for the final overnight halt at 2018hrs.

    At 0700hrs the sky was clear over the service park and the stages. On the first stage, 23km north of Swansea, the temperature was zero degrees Celsius. After heavy rain yesterday the roads remain very damp. Skies are expected to remain clear for much of the day and in the winter sunshine the temperature is predicted to rise to 8 degrees Celsius.

    resaults from SS9 Resolfen1-
    Dani Sordo has had a great start to the day winning the opening stage 18 seconds ahead of HIRVONEN in his fully repaired car after he rolled it yesterday, loebs still up there in 3rd from this mornings stage, Latvala came 6th 31seconds behind the lead car, and Rossi came 16th
    this means Latvala is still at the top of the leader board, but becuase of Sordos win this morning, Dani is only 0.8 seconds behind Jari-Matti, which also means Loeb has dropped one place to Sordo placing him only 5 seconds away from Jari-Matti,
    and Rossi's moved up to 18th
  8. NEWSFLASH: Wales Rally GB sensation Sebastien Ogier, who led the rally after two stages yesterday, has rolled his Citroen C4 WRC near the end of Saturday's opening stage, Resolfen. It is not clear yet how much damage he has done to the car or if he will continue, we will keep you updated when we hear anything.
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    SS10- Halfway resaults
    Latvala back on form again winning the second stage of the day ahead of 2nd placed Loeb by 5seconds, HIRVONEN behind him by 11.2 seconds, and 4.8seconds behind him is Dani Sordo. Mads ØSTBERG came 7th, Wilson came 11th and rossi came 15th.
    which means overall Jari-Matti LATVALA has increased his gap by another 5 seconds to Loeb, whos pushed Dani sordo to 3rd, and Rossi is placed 17th . and Mathew Wilson is at 11th by 2minutes
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    SS11- crychan RESAULTS

    Dani Sordo has won a stage by 1.8seconds ahead of Mikko HIRVONEN who came 2nd, then in 3rd came Loeb who was ahead of Latvala by 1.1 seconds, Rossi came 16th

    which means overall Latavala has increased his gap from Loeb by 8.9seconds, behind them by 8.7seconds is Dani Sordo, Henning Solberg has moved to 8th but still 1minute 49seconds behind leading man, and Rossi has moved up to 16th

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    SS12- Resolfen 2 RESAULTS
    Mikko HIRVONEN won this stage by 15.5seconds to Loeb who came second ahead of Peter Solberg (2nd) and Latvala( 3rd), Henning Sloberg 5th, Dani Sordo 6th, again Rossi came 16th placeing him 16th on the overall leader board

    which means that the overall standings are the same but with Henning Solberg increasing his postion to 7th, putting François DUVAL to 8th

    Subaru World Rally Team driver Chris Atkinson says the crash which took him out of Wales Rally GB on Friday was easily the biggest of his career.

    The Australian was air-lifted to hospital for checks after the smash, which happened on the first corner of SS7 at Walters arena, but was released on Friday night after getting the all-clear from doctors.

    Atkinson visited the service area today and explained what happened.

    “The car just didn’t turn,” he said. “It’s normally a flat left corner, so I went flat and turned - but the car didn’t. There was ice under the mud and we couldn’t see it. We touched a bank at 160kph and the car rolled - a lot. The first impact bounced the car off the ground and the data showed we were in the air for one and a half or two seconds. It landed quite hard and I was knocked out. Then it rolled about six more times and we stopped 150 - 180 metres from the where it started. I can’t remember much about it but I know it was big - my biggest by a long way.”

    “My shoulder is a bit stiff and I’m a bit bruised in places but apart from that I feel okay. I’m going home tonight to have a rest,” he added.

    Subaru team manager Paul Howarth said the tubular steel safety cell surrounding Chris and his co-driver Stephane Prevot had done its job.

    “It held up very well and did what it was designed to do,” said Howarth. “We’ve sent the car back to Banbury for a detailed inspection to see what we can learn from the accident. That’s the best way you get to learn about safety aspects. The car was fitted with the new FIA safety seats, which may have helped. The main thing is that Chris and Stephane were okay.”

  13. ANY tyres on solid ice is worthless unless you have screws in it .

    they can use ice tyres on the montecarlo but not here.

    I don't know why they can't use them there but it is what prevot said.
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    Atkinson car ...

    If they cancel rally stages it is not for fun ...

    EDIT: I just read an interview of LOEB saying that he doesn't like to drive in this shit. He said that without a car to open the road and correct the notes it is impossible to stay on the road.
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    SS13- Halfway2 RESAULTS
    Stage winner is Loeb by a good 5seconds to HIRVONEN who came second, 3rd was Jari-Matti, 4th was Dani Sordo, then Peter Solberg, the Henning Solberg. Wilson came a good 11th and Rossi came 20th.

    which means that the overall leader so far is still Jari-Matti LATVALA and 2.4seconds behind him is Loeb, Mikko HIRVONEN has moved up to 11th and Rossi has dropped a place to 17th.

    Jari-Matti Latvala/Miika Anttila
    “We had a problem 1.5km into the stage on a downhill section. It was under braking and we hit sheet ice. I couldn’t do anything and we hit the barrier on my side of the car. Luckily we bounced back into the road so we didn’t lose too much time. It’s difficult to find the balance between attacking and staying on the road.”

    Sebastien Loeb/Daniel Elena
    “I made some set-up changes to the roll bar and suspension and they seem to have worked. But it’s still icy and treacherous. I’m pleased with the time.”

    Mikko Hirvonen/Jarmo Lehtinen
    “I tried to go at a good speed and catch the guys ahead but they are driving so fast I’m not making much of an impression. I’ll keep attacking in the usual Finnish fashion. The car is good, so I have a lot of confidence.”

    Valentino Rossi/Carlo Cassina
    “I don’t like that stage at all – I’m glad it’s over. I got stuck behind car 23 and held up.”
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    SS14- Crychan 2 RESAULTS
    Jari-Matti LATVALA has won this stage ahead of Mikko HIRVONEN by 3.1 seconds, Peter Solberg came 3rd, Dani Sordo came 4th and Loeb in 5th.
    Rossi came 17th
    overall leader is still Jari-Matti LATVALA with 10.8 seconds ahaed of Loeb, Henning Solber moves a place to 6th, as does Rossi to 16th


    Jari-Matti Latvala/Miika Anttila
    “I don’t want to be in front tomorrow morning. Best place to be is behind somebody else but if I am first out there I just have to do my very very best.”

    Sebastien Loeb/Daniel Elena
    “We are too far behind at the moment. I had a good drive but I was too cautious on the ice and lost a little time.”

    Valentino Rossi/Carlo Cassina
    “It is so slippy and a lot of ice. We went too fast into a corner and overshot it which smashed the front of the car and cracked the windscreen but it is OK.”
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    holy shit
  19. Our fellow belgian steph prevot was with him.

    He should have stayed with duval :D
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    SS17- Port Talbot 1 RESAULTS
    Loeb and Latvala battleing hard, Loeb wins this stage by 0.8seconds, 3rd was Sordo, 4th HIRVONEN, 5th was henning Solberg, Rossi came 12th beating Mathew Wilson by 5.4seconds

    Overall its very close, Loeb's still 2nd but only by 1.4seconds to Latvala, 3rd is still Dani Sordo who is 41.5 seconds away from the two leading.
    Rossi's moved up to 14th
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