Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ron Simmons, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. It was really good. It sort of sucks though not being able to watch cartoons anymore without seeing the satire and social messages. I wish I could just watch it as a cartoon.
  2. Absolutely not. It's a beautiful day. We are gonna go get ice cream, and then I am taking her to a movie. And I want to see this soooooo bad. I #$%#ing love robots.
  3. 3 year olds are too young to sit still for 2 hours and watch a movie.
  4. My youngest son is bugging me to go see that movie. And it looks to be pretty damn good too.
  5. Better than Monsters, Inc.?
  6. I should check it out.
  7. Well, I just proved you wrong. She loved it, and I loved it more.
  8. have you never seen a kid watch tv before.... my cousins just sit glued to the floor when they put their favourite movie on....

    btw... i havnt even heard of this movie....
  9. I dunno how a 30 year old is gonna like sitting with his dad in a theater full of kids. seems weird to me...
  10. Glasses with eyes on them, read plot summary on IMDB, then sleep.
  11. if it keeps getting the ratings its been getting, it will be #1 on IMDB by a wide margin
  12. Monsters, Inc wasn't the best movie Pixar had made before Wall-E came out. I can't decide if Wall-E is my new favorite Pixar movie, but it's definitely better than Monsters.

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