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  1. I always want anything of that shape
    the FF is the best car on the market
  2. looks like they ruined the back end. drove a convertible this weekend and I'm thinking of buying.
  3. that front end is hideous.
  4. ya you would
  5. the coupe looks better than that but that hatch really exaggerates that stance really well.

    It's a little too veloster for me though.

    that said, i love the veloster.
  7. hey TSCM, do you know anything about how much they are selling for right now? Is it above MSRP?

    My cousin and I had talked in depth about putting a preorder in and selling our RSVP slot. We ended up #%[email protected] out but I'm curious to see if that would have been profitable.
  8. they don't seem to be selling that much above MSRP around here (maybe 4 grand tops if you're an idiot that doesn't yell your salesperson into submission). so you didn't lose out by not doing it.
  9. What convertible?
  10. I think the Jaguar F-Type might be the best new design since either the Audi A5/Maserati Gran Turismo debuted.

    I can't remember a car since that was like, as unanimously beautiful.
  11. F type.

    its either this or the 4C. depends on how much the mark up is on the Alfa for me. I can easily get one of the Jags for about 30k next year.
  12. 30k? that cheap?

    jesus christ. it's like 80/90k here.
  13. No kidding, how the hell can you get one for 30k?
  14. in a year. the used car prices on Jags are absolute crap in Canada.

    you can get a 3 year old XKR for about 40k dollars right now.

    that and the F type I want is only the V6
  15. Nice. So I'll be able to drive it when you're in Montréal. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  16. if I drive it to there yes, yes you will be able to.

    that or the 4C
  17. No thanks. That breadvan shape does nothing for me.

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