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    Illustrated: 2011 Dodge Charger
    11/17/2009, 2:19 PM
    By Nick Aziz

    Expected to hit the market in late 2010 as a 2011 model, the redesigned Dodge Charger was previewed two weeks ago during Chrysler’s five-year product plan announcement. Based on the teaser image released by the automaker and information we’ve gleaned from insiders, our artist has put together two exclusive illustrations of the car.

    With a sweeping character line reminiscent of the 1999 Dodge Charger Concept, the car is expected to combine qualities of the present retro model with the more modern show car that preceded it.

    Dodge brand chief Ralph Gilles said the car will feature a “class-leading” interior to match the dramatic new exterior. The car will come standard with a V6, while the more powerful R/T variant will likely have a turbocharged V6 rather than the current V8.

    As previously reported, the Chrysler 300 will also be revised for the 2011 model year. That car was previewed at a separate media event in April and prototypes have been spotted in recent weeks.

    Gilles indicated the first production-bodied Charger prototypes have been built, so stay tuned for spy photos in the coming months.
  2. Do not want.
  3. I think that looks pretty decent.
  4. pigdisgusting
  5. looks better then the present one.
  6. front is bad
  7. thats nasty
  8. it IS american.
  9. Rear = yes
    Front and sides = hell no
  10. agree
    The rear looks great ... the front is acceptable (LANCERish) but not the sides .
  12. Looks like a combination of the current Charger and the 90's concept.
  13. Bout ta git me 1 so I can thro sum twenny foo's on dat betch.
  14. Looks alright
  15. Pretty much. Overall grade of... fail.
  18. it's 11 foot long?
  19. my 65 is 19ft... 11 is fine
  20. ok really DCX??? You are gonna put a turbo v6 into a charger rt... Who's leg will i have to hump to get a hemi...

    Facepalm achieved
  21. CAFE? EPA? The nature of the hemi is that when the cylinder goes up it burns EVERYTHING. That is why most cars use pentroof or wedge type combustion chambers. There have already been talks about the HEMI saying bye bye soon, even tho the engine platform is rather new. I would imagine trucks will become the most common or even only factory application for the HEMI.

    Chrysler just invested a lot of money and time into the Phoenix/Pentastar engines.. i imagine they want to use them eventually..
  22. a turbo v6 for the RT would ruin its muscle car status
  23. its muscle car status is already ruined by making a 4 door

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