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  1. So it looks likely that I will be in Warsaw for work during all of November. So just looking if anybody has any ideas of fun things to do or places to go. I will probably have no real time off for the first couple weeks, but may have a few days off later in the month.

    Or did I make a huge mistake and should have choosen Qatar instead?

    Now, I may take some vacation after the assignment is done and travel a bit around Europe, any sc.net folks want to meet up?

  2. the first thing to do when arriving at the warsaw airport, is to leave warsaw; it's one of the uglier cities in poland. visit the rebuilt old city i guess
  3. Yah. Warsaw is pretty lame. There are a few 1-2 street "quarters" that are alright, but a lot of the city was rebuilt under communism so expect bland on bland.
  4. No thanks
  5. I live in Warsaw. What's your idea of fun?

    PS November is quite a shitty time in Warsaw. Where will you be located (work/living)?
  6. lol
  8. go see if they really have screen doors on their submarines
  9. You could create a mesh fine enough to let light but not water through. Some Polish submarine designer should do this.

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