Wasn't it a 289hp production model also?

Discussion in '1980 BMW M1 Procar' started by Vrooom, Aug 9, 2002.

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  2. Re: Wasn't it a 289hp production model also?

    Yes, It was a road car but only for a VERY short time. BMW wanted to race this baby and in order to race the M1 FIA rules statd that atleast 500 road versions must be built in order to race it with out any major modifications. BMW did so and and began the PROCAR championship which only lasted for 2 years, the PROCAR champinship concept was simple, take the best formula 1 drivers, and put them all into idetical M1's and have them race on the most grueling street curcuits of the world. It produced some great racing but only lasted 2 years. in 1980- Nelson Piquet won and in 1981- Niki Lauda won. By the time the M1 could actually compete in the FIA Sportscar Championship, rules had made it pretty much obsolete. This lead the way to the E30 M3. Overall the M1 is a BMW classic and nowdays is extremey rare to find one in the US. Overall 459 were produced and 400 were made for racing, I guess the other 59 are sitting in somones garage or barn somewhere giving thieir owners enjoyment on nice weekends which makes them appreciate BMW so much.

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