Waste of $158,000!!!

Discussion in '2000 Ford Saleen Mustang SR' started by Panzer, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. For that kind of money I would get a Panoz Esperante or some other BETTER vechile. Thats just a waste.
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    Wow, i thought it was kind of cool till i saw the pricetag. I mean jeez, there are way cooler and faster cars for that money. Maybe something with the aerodynamics to handle the speeds of this car.
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    Hmmm... Saleen S7 is more than 300k....

    I think Saleen Sr is cheap for a professional race car...
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    I'm, no nazi, you on the other hand are a ignorant little welp who does not use his mind to speak.
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    I could find a better car for $158k...probably even kick this cars ass.
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    Get out of my damn country.
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    Find another car for $160 Grand that does over 2000, has an 11.8 quarter mile, 4 second 0-60 and 1.09g skidpad.
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    moron moron moron...that is all i got to say...oh yea and this list provided by saleen


    remember this is a 2000 car so it is compared to the 2000 vehicles...

    yea and i forgot that u mentioned ur "other" better vehicle to support ur ill thought of statement...and seeing that u did not mention any except the esperante shows that u could not think of anything that could match or beat it at the time of post....

    remember year 2000 vehicles....NON-TUNER....saleen is not a tuner and he has every document to prove it....he is a automobile maker...
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    You'd better watch your mouth.

    I'm German canadian as well, and I must say you're one of the more ignorant people plaguing these forums.

    Are you Canadian? Because if not, how could you tell him to get out of YOUR country? If indeed you are Canadian then please, leave, because you certainly are an idiot.

    Calling him a nazi? Let me tell you that if you ever called me that to my face I'd break both your arms. You obviously have no idea what it's like to be discriminated against, so for the sake of all those with a little decency, leave these forums, and just don't come back.
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    Hey browndoggie i looked for about 30 seconds and found a car that beats this for under 160,000. This is a tuned up car so it is fair to compair it to the lingenfelter viper that costs about 100k. It does 0-60 faster, 1/4 was same or faster and it pulls 1.25g. I know of many others cars in the same category but there is no need to name them because if a person that knows a lot about cars reads your comment they will already know it was dumb and think of them for themselves.
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    The Lingenfelter Vette does NOT pull 1.25g, and around a twisty race track has no chance against this car. Maybe on a faster track like Laguna Seca though. And actually this isn't a tuner, and Steve Saleen has all the papers to prove it.
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    First of all i didn't say the ling vette i said THE LING VIPER. Read a post well before you go and write a reply. And you also must not have read the rest of the posts in this forum. The guy simply said find another car that does 0-60 in 4 or better, 1/4 mile in 11.8 or better, and is cheaper. THAT IS WHAT I DID. So don't think you sound smart when you critsize my post when you dont even know what you're talking about. And for the tuner thing, Saleen takes Mustangs and modifies the piss outta them to make them faster, and that is also what lingenfelter does to the cars they work on, which would make the comparison i made fair. And in addition, how do you know what the lingenfelter viper could do on a track. Have you ever driven it in a race against this mustang? I'm thinking not.
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    lol I guess I did misread your post, I just saw Lingenfelter and thought "Here we go again". I don't know why that guy was asking for 0-60, 1/4 mile ect.

    Where did the Lingenfelter Viper do 1.25g? I'm not saying it didn't do it, I'd just like to see where.

    Saleen mofifies mustangs to the point there are so few of the original pieces left that he is legally considered a car manufacturer (kind of like RUF). Lingenfelter is not, no use arguing that.

    Lingenfelter is a drag racer, that's what he does. Why would he feel the need to modify the his Viper to have much more track potential than stock? He didn't with the Vette, why would the Viper be different. This, however, is a race car. Saleen has plenty of experience in racing, and this car is an example, as is the S7.

    In the end, you did what that guy above said: beat the car at what it's not meant to do.
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    Don't start that bullcrap, I do know what it's like to get discriminated against and If you had read his signature before you would have known what I was talking about. I am Canadian; and for that sole reason I am the brunt of a hell of a lot of descrimination.
    If I am plaguing these forums, thanks for telling me becasue it must be serious, for I have no idea what plaguing means. Trust me I am hardly ever on these forums because I have a life outside supercars.net because I drive my cars, I don't come on here and waste my time replying to you people, trust me returning to this thread and reading what I wrote surprised me, I must have written that a while ago.
    Don't get me wrong I didnt mean 'Nazi', I meant 'Kraut'.

    Nice Shelby.

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    I deleted the post as not to offend anyone else, sorry.
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    You know what it's like hmm? When I'm talking discrimination, I'm not talking "So you're from Canada Eh? Do you live in Igloos?" I get that all the time, and find people making fun of Canadians actually pretty funny.

    I really don't mind people making fun of Germans or Canadians, doesn't really bother me. It's just when people bring up Hitler and ww2, that bothers me. If it's not what you meant to say, fine, just please don't do it again.
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    I'd take my $158,000 and get a Venom 800 TT or something. I do agree.... $158,000 is QUITE pricey for only 500hp and a 0-60 of 4.0.
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    I'm not talking igloos, or eskimos or any of that crap, I'm not even going to explain it here because I don't have time, and supercars.net isnt a place to rail on discrimination.

    Besides, I never brought up WW2 or Hitler, just the Nazi party. I'm not even going to get into who Barbarossa was or what he did, but If you know History, I'm sure you'll understand. If not-look it up.
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    #$%# #$%# #$%# #$%# all you whiney bitches i dont even wanna argue about that this car will worth you and your whole #$%#ed up race so shut the #$%# up all o you, dont try to reply cuz iam in a cafe and some guy must have forgoten to log of so #$%# you up ur ugly roach infested asses
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    What's sad is that a kid at my school actually takes pride in being german so he can be a true nazi.
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    Thank God you're banned!
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    ok, this might not be fastest car for the buck (the Ford GT will be faster and cheaper), but it'll run circles round anythin in its price range. period.
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    actually, this is the only current saleen stang that doesnt use the original engine. Also, it uses the same body with some modifications, the same chassis (who would manufacture an entire new chassis?) and the same interior. All they really do is upgrade engines (in this case, they use an entirely new engine), they upgrade suspension, and they upgrade brakes, occasionally upgrading luxury too.
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    Hahaha...this is funny, I made this thread years ago cause I was bored, and wanted to get n00bs all worked up over nothing. I get an e-mail that reminded me that this thread is still existing and when i go to it, I find all this whining and bitching. This is f*cking hilarious. Now...where are the rest of these forgotten threads...?

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