waste of horsepower

Discussion in '1999 Ford Saleen Mustang S-351' started by pkripper, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. with 495hp I would think this can go 0-60 in sub 4sec and top out at 180mph and 1/4 mi at [email protected]

    just compare to other cars with less hp and they would win, such as corvette Z06, TVRs, Vipers and probably more. the S281 is cheaper, handles better and is nearly same performance numbers.
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    No, this isn't a waste of horsepower.<!-- Signature -->
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    You are right no matter who complains it is a true statment. It just wasnt built right. Well in my opinion waste of Cubic inches it has a Supercharger to make up for Crap output then when it gets on the road it proves crap compared to less Hp cars in its class.
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    From the road tests I have read they all say the car's tires just couldn't handle that kind of power. With some mickey thompson's this car is very capable of pulling 12,but I still don't see 0-60 faster than about 4.4
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    What do you think of the GM 454
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    All of the test reports state that the tires that this stang uses, are uncapable of handling the power output of the engine. It needs sticker tires.
  7. Yeah. The traction thing would have to be the most obvious answer for the poor acceleration times. A near 500hp, supercharged 351cid engine is going to spin. You'd better have one hellacious rear end and tires on that thing. Give it some MT E.T. Streets, or something to that effect. Let's see it burn to 60 in about 4.0-4.1.
  8. Wrong! Top Speed of the 1999 S351 is 190 mph.

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