wat a cop car!

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  1. looks like a crown victora-- i could so see cops putting lights on it and thinking there soo damn cool with there 300 horse huge ass car.
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    Yeah this would be good.<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah......i can see that! until they spill coffee everywhere in acceleration! or put the badges on it. plus they ll take off the rims, and make it look like shit.<!-- Signature -->
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    This car was actually meant to be a fast Grand Marquis. The police won't pay extra money using these. This car is a lot faster than it looks.
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    no worry guys, the new Ford Police Interceptor Crown Victoria, will have a V10 engine in it...
    enough said... kodus to Ford for adding muscles to all their cars!
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    no worry guys, the new Ford Police Interceptor Crown Victoria, will have a V10 engine in it..

    Just curious... where did you hear that?
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    that would be pretty tight if the pigs used these things even thou i dont like the car stock. it needs way more muscle.
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    Not all of them will have the V10 in it. That will be an option they have to choose from. But it will still come stock with the V8 so don't be worrying about seeing any V10 Crown Vic's out there because there will only be a handful at most. As for this thing being a police interceptor....the Crown Vic police cars blow. The stock Crown Vic from a dealer is actually faster then the police interceptor version in the 1/4. A "real" police car was the last year they made the Chevy Caprice police cars. Its pretty much a debadged Impala SS. Now THATS a police car! i'm good friends with a few police officers and all they ever do is complain about the crown vic's and wish they could have the Caprice's back
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    Oh and also these cars are not fast at all. Gearing sucks on them and they have no balls whatsoever. I raced one at Atco raceway before in my stock 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V and beat him by .5 seconds. My 15.196 to his 15.679. The best 1/4 time I have ever seen in one has been a 15.2

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    wat a cop car!

    How much money did you need to put in your P.O.S. to make it beat a stock Merc? Sissy!
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    Here are pics of my stock Spec V. The picture all the way on the right is my car before I put on the graphics.
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    First off, nice car but your comparing two completely different types of cars. the marauder isn't designed to have a fast quarter mile. Its a full size sedan so it really shows its power between 40-70 mph where your car is more of an off the line runner.
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    No no, heres how it is SHOboy, why don't you throw a couple of heavy-ass bricks weighing in at aproximatley 1500lbs in your hugeass mafioso styled trunk(sarcastic), and then see if your 2.5L V4 will keep up. No even better, if the '04 Marauder comes with 4.10 gears instead of the 3.55, then your POS is screwed cause it(MM) will easily do about a good 14.7's. So don't try to sucker us into thinking that a SENTRA-HA is a better buy than a Amercian-Made 4-door bigassed Rear Wheel Drive sedan. Even if your car would happen to be even a second or so faster, it is no difference cause anyone who pulls up next to you, will laugh at the mere insignificant thought of "racing" you, Whereas would be too scared to even look at the driver of a Marauder thinking that the car doesn't take crap from no-one(just from a glimpse of the exhaust tips), or that it is actually a cop. Maybe, you shouldn't be comparing Panthers(since you obviously don't know much about them anyway) to japanese wannabe r|cers. Go and brag about your "graphics" to civic owners.
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    u think that this would be a good cop car? check out the cars we have in australia HSV GTO (its on this site) Ford BA Falcon XR8 (also on this site) we evn have a few Subaru WRX's

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