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  1. i only have 1 and its small. it works just fine though and i like to play with it
  2. Only have one $1000+. And I never use that one. But I inherited it so will never sell.
  3. this unchecked decadence makes me want to bring back the guillotine!
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  6. Bernie Sanders is furious right now.
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  8. This is one of the most stupid post I have seen in a while
  10. good choice big rib
  11. What do you guys think of those huge diamond encrusted watches the local Indian owned convenience store has behind a glass? I need valid opinions
  12. I could have told you that years ago
  14. hnnnnnng

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  15. that needs to be on a bracelet
  16. nah gold bracelets are too over the top
  17. bracelets are for italians or arabs.
  18. need a gold bracelet to match my gold chains though
  20. dont belee me jus watch
  21. im all for straps, but a presidential rolex needs to be on that iconic bracelet.

    could always get it in platinum if yellow gold isnt your bag
  23. hey hemi
    im in paris wheres a good place to go watch shopping
  24. where did all the watchfags around here go

    kinda debating getting an ultra thin jlc, or just spending the money on a rolex sub/gmt, but either way having something i can pass down to kids, but the rolex would be something i can still wear every day without worrying about breaking it


    wheres hemi we should go watch shopping while im in paris
  25. i have some. i had to get over it because i could easily spend way too much money on watches. i bought four modestly priced watches that I think look good and then shut it down before it got outta hand. :)

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